View Full Version : Lost Emerson Knife at ShotShow

01-22-12, 16:30
A friend of mine lost his Emerson CQC-11 BTS at the Shotshow on the last day. It had a black and grey lanyard with a Emerson Shull bead on it. if anyone has any information on this knfe please let me know. Thanks!!

01-22-12, 17:55
I believe the lost and found lady for the SHOT show's name is Helen Holler.

If your friend wants to try and get his Emerson knife back from the guy who found it, he can go to Helen Holler.

Sorry....old Red Skelton routine....couldn't resist....

01-22-12, 18:20
I wish your friend good luck getting it back! Another donation to some lucky guy at SHOT.

01-22-12, 18:50
Reminds me of the commander I lost. Good luck to your friend

01-27-13, 18:40
Damn, that sux

01-27-13, 19:51
I thought her name was Helen Waite.
( sorry, couldn't resist. Hope he finds it.)

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