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01-28-12, 09:18
I will be moving from MI to Hermiston,OR for year and I wanted to know what the fire arms laws are, and what there is to do there?
Kinda general I know, but things like fire arms laws, places to hunt?
I have a MI CPL, and I will look up the laws myself, but anything would be helpful.
Thanks, Terry.

02-14-12, 02:46
Hermiston is kinda in the middle of nowhere. Lots of great hunting and fishing, but not much else. Gun laws are pretty decent in Oregon. Machine Gus and short barrels are possible along with silencers. Pistols and rifles are both same day affairs when purchased. Dealers are able to call them in same day and you can walk with them. Carry permit requires a training class, and the permit itself is about $60. Oregon does not recognize any other state's permits, but you might be able to present your current permit to meet the training requirement.

There are a few decent towns not too far away and I think Portland ( the "big" city) is about an hour and a half away (it has been a while since I have been to Hermiston so I don't exactly remember). I am curious though, what kind of work are you moving to Hermiston for?

02-16-12, 00:14
I was born and raised in the Herm. Almost all of my classmates couldn't wait to get out but I always liked it and wouldn't mind living there. My wifes parents and mine parents are still there and I still have a lot of friends there.

There is a lot of good bird hunting and fishing, there are some deer around to but nothing to big. There are some monster elk out at the Cold Springs reservoir but I don't think you can get a tag for them. Big game hunting isn't to far away though. You will be right next to the Columbia River which has a lot to offer, salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, as well as the Umatilla river. There are a couple of shootin spots around some are better than others, I always went out to Warehouse beach on the Columbia. I don't think there are any ranges that are open to the public in Hermiston but I am pretty sure there is one 20 minutes away in Boardman.

Pendlton is another ag town 30 min East and has the world famous Roundup, giant rodeo. I never go because of all the drunks and general shenanigans but it is a cool town with some history. La Grande is my dream town about an hour and 15 min East it is surrounded by wilderness and some really rugged country. If you like to hike and camp the Eagle Cap wilderness is only an hour or two east and is some amazingly beautiful country. Half an hour North in Washington is the Tri Cities for all your kinda big city needs. To the west you have a couple of small town along I 84 until you get to Portland. the drive along I 84 takes you down the Columbia river gorge, some people think it is really pretty. Also in the gorge there is some world class windsurfing. Portland is about 3 hours away and is alright to visit as far as big cities go.

Nookies is about the only respectable bar in town, I would avoid The Pheasant. Nookies also has good food kinda spendy though. Most of the Mexican places are really good especially the taco trucks. The Golden Palace and Chens are me and my wifes favorites for Chinese when we go home. Hales has some decent burgers. I have heard the Farmers Market has good food but I haven't tried it yet.

Crime isn't to bad but it is around. Just had a shooting at one of the gas stations and one of the credit unions just got held up. There are a few gangs around and a ton of meth. Stanfield is about 10 minutes from Hermiston and is a horrible speed trap, you will get a ticket for 4 over.

If you have any questions fire away.

03-15-12, 16:08
CC is a no-go, unless you have an OR permit. They will issue them to non-residents. However, not all Sheriff's will. (They take a Kalifornistan approach to things).

Last I heard, the Sheriff in John Day was still issuing permits to non-residents. You will need a certificate of training, $55 (don't quote me on that), and be patient.

OC is legal if the CWP doesn't work out. However, the State doesn't have preemption and some cities or municipalties can ban it.

04-10-13, 03:50
Getting your CCW will be a easy process. Welcome brother