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02-05-12, 22:38
I was wondering if any one is having the same problem im having. I installed the miad grip on a daniel defense lower and there is a gap between the lower reciever right behind the trigger and the grip. The gap is about the same size all the way from the bottom of the triger guard to the top. I tried install several times using both the factory and supplied hardware. The grip is on tight with no movement it just looks a little odd. Its almost like the hole drilled in the grip for the mounting screw is to far back. Just curious if this is normal, factory grip did not have this gap.

03-23-12, 13:55
Long time lurker, first time poster.

YES, I experience the same condition with the MIAD I put on my DDM4V2. I still think the grip is a quality piece and I have many Magpul bits on my gun, but I am a little disappointed in the fit/finish of this MIAD... probably not enough to make me take it off, but enough it irritates me to a degree.

03-23-12, 14:33
Play around with it. I had noticed the same thing with mine (which was installed by my LGS), so I took it off and remounted it myself and now it sits flush to the trigger guard. It took a few tries, but now there is no gap. Great grip IMO.

03-24-12, 13:28
Do you remember if there are 2 mounting holes for the grip? I don't remember and I have 3 MIADs installed on 3 different ARs. Never had a gap problem except on my LMT MWS .308 which required a little shaving of plastic here and there and the Magpul "wedge" to fit properly.

03-24-12, 13:42
Normal tolerances in plastics, and stacking tolerances between components will make some tight, some loose, and show different fits. With the MIADs and MOEs, try removing and reinstalling them a couple of times to allow them to form and seat a bit under screw tension.

03-24-12, 13:55
You could get one of those "The Gapper's" to fix your problem. There was another thread suggesting a different remedy but I can't remember what it's called. I think it was Failure2Stop who had said remedy, maybe he'll chime in.