View Full Version : F class optic question

02-11-12, 23:23
I am finally going to run f class at our local range this summer (200 to 600 yards). My initial thought was to build or buy something in 6.5 creedemore I think I am going to stick with my .308 AR10 for at least this season.

the rifle shoots great @ 100 & 200 yards - the longest I've had it thus far is 250 and with Federal Gold Medal I am under an MOA - a figure I'd like to be able to beat once I start working up hand loads. (I primarily shoot handgun in the winter months so my Dillon has been setup for .40 & .45 for some time....)

on to the question: optics.

I am pretty set on a Nightforce benchrest in either 8x32 or 10x42. I know I will be shooting out to at least 600, and maybe 1000 if I am lucky. so any suggestions on which reticle to buy, and what scope mount to use in order to dial in that much drop?

I've done quite a bit of target shooting in my life, but this is getting into ranges that I am not familiar with, and the .308 seems like a great way to start. I am familiar with the rifle, it has proven to be dependable and accurate, and I have all the loading goodies a guy would as for.

any advice regarding the scope, reticle, and mounts that folks have been successful with shooting f-class would be greatly appreciated.