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Thread: Post your SCAR tips, tweaks, tricks, and odd bits here

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS951 View Post
    So I have a Silencer now for my SCAR17s, its a AAC SDN-6. I learned a bit about the gas system setting and running it supressed.

    Firstly, it all around seems really over gassed. For no gas tube blasting gas back it sure is super gassy, more so than any of my ARs.

    This leads to the gas settings, they are meant to be "normal" and "Suppressed", by all means it seems more like "Adverse" and "Normal". Previously I had never played with the gas setting, because I wasn't shooting suppressed, so left it in "normal". Well now I always leave it in "Suppressed" when shooting unsuppressed. At this point to me I treat the gas settings as "adverse" and "Normal". Always shooting it in the suppressed setting makes it much smoother and it has never had any issue. In the normal setting its got quite some kick to it. This leaves me shooting it in the same setting with or with out the silencer.

    So, my conclusion? this gun from the factory kind of sucks suppressed. The suppressed setting is still over gassed for a silencer. The gas valve for me has been more Adverse and Normal, not Normal and Suppressed as FN states.

    I use Prvi M80 ball ammo. I get 2 moa all day easy.

    AAC cans are high back pressure. You need to buy the various gas jet sizes and tune your rifle such that with round chambered, empty mag inserted you get:

    - Suppressor on, suppressed gas setting. After firing: bolt locks back
    - Suppressor off, suppressed gas setting. After firing: bolt does not lock back
    - Suppressor off, unsuppressed gas setting. After firing: bolt locks back

    This will dramatically change your suppressed SCAR shooting experience. I hated my SCAR16 suppressed until I swapped out the gas jet.

    Midwest Gun Exchange and Parker Mountain Machine have the gas jets.

    There is a good thread in the FN sub forum of TOS that discusses this.
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    Post your SCAR tips, tweaks, tricks, and odd bits here

    My 17S runs great with the Sandman S mounted. Still on the factory jet, just switched to the suppressed setting when the can is on.

    As others have mentioned, they seem to be a bit picky on what can is used.

    Still my all time favorite battle rifle though.

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