Practical Combatives will be putting on a basic fighting carbine class on May 19th.

Combative Carbine is a one day, 400 round, 10 hour class designed to develop basic gunfighting skills to those who are familiar with the operation of their semiautomatic carbine, and want to begin training at a basic level. This class is also Missouri POST-approved for 10 hours c.e. credit.

Class cost is $150, but M4Carbine members can participate for $100.

Information request or sign up information should be addressed to: PM's here are welcome, but may not get an immediate response.

Thank you.

Practical Combatives is a very small, start-up training company in SW Missouri. We gladly accept civilians and Law Enforcement in every class. Instructors are all current Law Enforcement (including Warrant Service Team experience) and/or prior Military. Instructors have been teaching various courses since 2008, until Practical Combatives was officially formed in 2011.

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