From Larry Vickers & Staff: members will receive a discount for signing up for an annual subscription on

Tac-TV Registration

All they have to do is punch in discount code vickers ( all lower case) when they check out and they will get $10 off - monthly subscription is $10 per month or $120 for the year- if they sign up for an annual it is $100 or $20 off monthly; add the discount code and they save a total of $30 off the monthly rate - a total of $90 for the discounted annual - that all adds up to a 25% discount!!

This is my way of saying thanks to M4C and the many loyal fans and supporters that are members here

Last but not least if you are a member of M4C and you have already bought an annual subscription just email the admin and they will refund you $10!

Thanks to all and enjoy the website

Larry Vickers

Vickers Tactical