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Thread: The Fighting Carbine, AK Edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose-Knuckle View Post
    While I'm not sure what the OP used here is a simple solution that includes instructions and all mounting hardware.


    Military Moron also has a write up floating around here about a sling adaptor on an AK buttstock.
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    Great post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    The only thing I might add and it is just an alternate and not THE way for mounting a sling - sacrificing the shitty carry strap that comes with the rifle. Cut the front hook off the sling and use it to hook into the standard sling points up front. I use a Vickers sling and a VTAC model to do just that on two of mine and is a cheap alternative that has worked well for me.

    A question you did not address - grips. What are your thoughts on the current US Palm grips available for the AK? I don't have terribly large hands so the "small" standard grips work fairly well for me. I have played with a modern Izmash shotgun grip and it worked well and filled up my hand. I've also seen some MagPul grips adapted over to the AK which seemed to change the grip geometry on the rifle.


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    Just my .02 but I think the US Palm grip is fantastic and have used them on 3 AK's. Not a required upgrade for a fighting carbine but a nice one.

    On another note... I need to pick up one of the snap hooks of the sort that come on standard slings. My SGL-21 didn't come with any type of sling. I am currently running a BFG Victory series 2pt sling utilizing a UWL for the front sling attachement point, and while functional I find it not my personal preference. Does anyone know of a source for a compatible snap hook or is it best to just buy a carry strap sling to cut up?

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    Thumbs up

    With the addition of the US Palm/TD battle grip and a enhanced safety lever, the ergonomics of the Kalashnikov platform vastly improves. I run them on all my AKs.
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    Great write-up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by polymorpheous View Post
    Excellent post.
    This is what this board is all about.
    Some of us forget that.
    Thank you for the post and the reminder.

    Quick question:
    I've been wanting to get a flash hider to replace the standard slant brake.
    YHM makes a version of the Phantom for 7.62 AK's.
    It's an effective device for the AR15, is it just as effective in 7.62x39?
    Midwest industries makes one as well that works very well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caeser25 View Post
    Midwest industries makes one as well that works very well.
    Picked up a Phantom this weekend.
    MI is right down the street from my work however.
    If I pick up a AKM, I will definitely keep them in mind.

    Great store front BTW.
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    As someone who has very limited experience with an AK besides handling and a small amount of firing... this post is very informational.

    I'm also in the market for one - so this helps a lot in terms of things to look for.

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    Thank you for that very clear write-up in regards to the AK. About 5 weeks ago, I decided to start researching my first AK purchase. It would have saved me a lot of time and effort having this info in one place/post.
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    In this thread TRIDENT82 stated performance of the .223 Federal Fusion round is excellent (Molon also attested to this in an older thread). The Federal Fusion is available in 7.62x39 and I wonder if the performance is similar across calibers. If so it might make for another good high-end round (buy at Walmart?) for the AK platform.

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