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Thread: Paul Gomez memorial training conference August 18-19, 2012

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    Paul Gomez memorial training conference August 18-19, 2012


    A Memorial Training Conference
    To Benefit the Children
    Our Great Friend
    Paul E. Gomez

    Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19, 2012
    8:00am to 5:15 pm daily
    Raven Concealment Systems Range
    Garrettsville, OH

    Please direct all inquiries to
    (with the exception of camping...see below)
    Faculty of Trainers
    Honoring Paul’s memory and status in the community, an unprecedented cast of instructors will be donating training time to the cause, including:

    Craig Douglas (aka “Southnarc”)--Rob Pincus--Cecil Burch--Tom Givens
    Andy Stanford--Dr. Keith Brown--Dr. Sherman House--Greg Ellifritz--Aaron Little
    Paul Sharp--Larry Lindemann--Steve Fisher
    Michael DeBethencourt--Bobby Mac--Jeremy Decker--Jeffrey Bloovman
    Chris Fry--Spencer Keepers--Taylor Mock--Tom Fineis--Michael Goerlich
    Claude Werner--Shane Gosa--John Hearne
    William Aprill--Caleb Causey--Morgan Atwood--Chuck Haggard
    Shay VanVlymen--Jay Hinton

    In order to maximize learning potential with this unique gathering of talent, 2-hour blocks of instruction will be conducted from 8:00am to 5:15pm on 4 simultaneous tracks:
    Classroom A
    Classroom B
    A detailed program schedule will be emailed to all registered attendees prior to the dates of the conference. Attendance at all courses is “first-come-first served”, and instructors reserve the right to limit class size in the interest of safety and comfort.

    Registration fee for the conference is $200, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Paul Everett Gomez Memorial Fund, dedicated to the support and education of Paul’s minor children. Registration is limited based on the size of the facility, and demand is high, so please do not delay in signing up.

    To register, send a check for $200US payable to Paul Everett Gomez Memorial Fund to:
    c/o WTA
    5721 Magazine St., Unit 180
    New Orleans, LA 70115
    Please include your full name, mailing address, and email address with your payment. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a confirmatory email.

    Many have inquired about making donations to the Memorial Fund even though they are unable to attend the ‘Palooza. We appreciate this generosity immensely and encourage you to follow the above directions to donate any amount large or small.

    Range Location
    Paul-E-Palooza will be held in Garrettsville, OH, at a private range under the administration of Raven Concealment Systems. Exact address and directions will be emailed to registered participants in advance of the conference date.

    Travel Information
    Garrettsville, OH, is approximately 50 miles southeast of Cleveland. Multiple connecting flights are available daily into Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) and Akron Canton Airport (CAK), each roughly 50 miles from the training site.
    Please note; We strongly encourage attendees to carpool, ride-share, and be creative! There is the possibility of some form of shuttle service between CLE and the training site, and any developments in that area will be distributed to registered attendees as early as possible.

    There are several hotels within driving distance of the training site, including:

    Holiday Inn Express Lordstown-Newton Falls/Warren
    4185 State Route 5
    Newton Falls, OH 44444
    (330) 872-6000

    Budget Lodge
    4100 Ohio 5
    Newton Falls, OH 44444
    (330) 872-3833

    Econo Lodge
    4248 Ohio 5
    Newton Falls, OH 44444
    (330) 872-0988

    Comfort Inn
    136 North Park Avenue
    Warren, OH 44481
    (330) 393-1200

    Fairfield Inn Warren Niles
    1860 Niles Cortland Road Southeast
    Warren, OH 44484
    (330) 544-5774
    Holiday Inn Express*Hotel*Youngstown N (Warren/Niles)
    135 Highland Terrace Boulevard
    Warren, OH 44484
    (330) 544-8807

    In addition, campsites are available on the Conference site, for both RV (with utility hookups) and tents (with shower and restroom facilities) for $25 per person/night. Contact directly for these reservations.

    And for the truly discerning among you, desirous of the true full-Gomez experience, we will provide the number to the sleaziest local skank-pit of a dive-motel-from-hell upon request...just don’t say you weren’t warned.

    The Conference will be conducted at an outdoor facility in August. Please prepare accordingly. Plenty of water will be provided for hydration safety, lunch will be available for purchase onsite both days, and attendees are welcome to bring any food and drink they desire. The facility features electric power, potable water, and restrooms, though it is best described as “Spartan chic”.

    Auction, Bonfire, and Celebration of Paul’s Life
    On Saturday evening following the last class block, an auction of various highly desirable goodies for the discerning tacticophile will be conducted before a raging bonfire; 100% of proceeds to enrich the Memorial Fund. Following the auction, many adult beverages will be slaughtered and many tales of Paul told....BYOB and LYDG, of course.

    Check for yourself, of course, but it is believed that Ohio honors concealed carry permits from WA, ID, WY, UT, AZ, NM, AK, ND, NE, KS, OK, MO, AR, LA, MI, KY, TN, WV, VA, NC, SC, FL, AND DE.

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    (4 2-hour blocks each day)

    1. Managing Unknown Contacts (MUC)
    Craig Douglas (aka Southnarc), ShivWorks

    2. Managing Unknown Contacts (MUC)
    Craig Douglas (aka Southnarc), ShivWorks

    3. Combative Use of The Small Knife: ‘Cuz Every Little Bit Helps
    Chris Fry, Modern Defensive Training Systems
    Course covers reverse-edge methods and applications of the small, fixed-blade knife, focusing on support hand integration, hooking, force multiplication, and use of the knife to escape from grabs and the clinch.

    4. Truly Offensive Combatives: Lessons from a Non-Permissive Nation
    Pete Morgan (aka Slackbladder), ShivWorks UK and CQB Services

    5. Usage of the TDI Knife
    Greg Ellifritz, Tactical Defense Institute

    6. The Role of Submissions in The Combatives Environment
    Aaron Little, Performance Edge

    7. The Fence and Initiative: All Your Stand-Up Technique Are Ours...
    Paul Sharp, Sharp MMA and ShivWorks

    8. Crazy Monkey Defense: Introduction to Fistic Badassery
    Larry Lindemann, IL State Police and Int’l Global Lindemann Worldwide

    (4 2-hour blocks each day)

    Please note that all live fire courses require quality gear (good mag carriers, safe holsters, etc.) and plenty of spare magazines; eye protection required and electronic hearing protection recommended; note-taking materials are welcome. If you show up unprepared, you slow everyone’s learning process.
    Rule #1: Don’t be “THAT GUY”.....
    Rule #>1: Live by Rule #1

    1. Combative Carbine: Bring It, Run It Hard, Master It!
    Jeremy Decker, Tactical Defense Institute
    200 rounds required
    Reliable carbine, plenty of magazines, and a modern sling required.

    2. Fighting Pairs: BUG and Pistol Tactics, Manipulations, and Shooting Tips
    Michael DeBethencourt,
    Bobby Mac,
    75 pistol/75 snub revolver rounds required
    Live pistol with matching inert pistol required with belt holster; J-frame or equivalent sized snub with pocket holster required (some available for loan)

    3. Combative Koan: What Is the Sound of One Hand Shooting?
    Chris Fry, Modern Defensive Training Systems
    200 rounds required

    4. Neural Based Shooting & Accelerated Learning Techniques
    Jeff Bloovman, Armed Dynamics, LLC
    100 rounds required
    Professional athletes and Delta Force operators alike are using creative visualization techniques to reduce reaction time and increase skill retention. Attendees will be exposed to cutting edge training techniques that they can then incorporate into their individual practice regimens. Topics covered include: creative visualization techniques, increasing visual-kinesthetic memory, and practical incorporation of skills into dry practice.

    5. The Evolution of Drawstroke
    Spencer Keepers, AwarenessDefense Training
    250 rounds required
    How to improve constancy and speed in your drawstroke? Damn, dude, I thought you’d never ask...

    6. Maximizing Your Time And Resources
    Tom Givens, Rangemaster
    200 rounds required
    Students will fire several drills using unique targets and drills designed to derive the maximum benefit from limited range time and ammunition. Need sidearm, holster, at least one magazine pouch, at least two magazines, and 2 dummy rounds.

    7. FISTFIRE Concepts in ECQC
    Paul Sharp, Sharp MMA and ShivWorks
    300 rounds required
    Handgun strikes are included in this block of instruction therefore a serviceable and safe handgun with a holster that permits safe one handed re-holstering is mandatory; EDC spare mag(s) carry system. A fixed blade/trainer is also recommended as an edged weapon will be required for several drills.
    Also recommended; A Viking-esque beard, enough testosterone to make Gandhi want to throat punch a fool, the ability to focus intensely on the task at hand giving the study and development of this skill-set within the ECQC challenge the diligence it deserves, and most of all a sense of humor.

    8. Combat Accuracy: The Balance of Speed & Precision (Sat. AM)
    Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training
    200 rounds required

    (7 2-hour, 1 4-hour block on Saturday; 8 2-hour blocks Sunday)

    1. Gomez-Inspired Pistol Modifications
    Taylor Mock, Texas Brigade Armory

    2. Gomez and Carry Gear: His Influence on History and Systems
    Tom Fineis, Raven Concealment Systems
    Michael Goerlich, Raven Concealment Systems

    3. Toward An Epistemological Study of Jeff Cooper
    Shane Gosa, Americus Training Group
    At the age of fifteen, Shane had the unique fortune to have been personally trained in the “Modern Technique” by the Gunner's Guru himself. They stayed in contact for over ten years. Six months of this time Shane spent with with the Colonel at the Sconce absorbing all knowledge and skills he could, to include rare insights into who Jeff Cooper really was. This relationship
    started as a student-mentor role, but ended in a once-in-a-lifetime friendship. This is their story. The presentation will include rare film and photographs, as well as, on-site personal weapons and gear of the Colonel's.

    4. Protecting Your Family
    Claude Werner, Firearms Safety Training, LLC

    5. The FBI’s Miami Firefight: Lessons That Still Resonate
    John Hearne, Rangemaster and
    This course will offer a comprehensive analysis of one of the most significant and influential gunfights of the late twentieth century: the FBI-Miami Firefight. *Topics addressed include: tactics and weapons used, profiles of the officers involved, psychological examination of the offenders, unique site characteristics, and
    significant lessons learned.

    6. Rangemaster Students 58/Bad Guys 2: How and Why Our Students Continually Win Fights
    Tom Givens, Rangemaster
    Lively power point lecture which examines the nature of the threat for the armed citizen or off-duty officer and how to structure training to counter that threat successfully.

    7. Fatal Choices: Some of What We Know About Victim Selection
    William Aprill, Rangemaster and Fight Concepts, LLC

    8. Major Hemorrhage Control: Tools and Techniques for Plugging Unfortunate Leaks
    Caleb Causey, Lone Star Medics

    9. Hemostatic Agents: Myths, Lies, Facts and Applications
    Morgan Atwood,
    Ian Wendt, Special Circumstances, Inc.

    10. Medical Emergency, Officer Safety and Face-Eating Zombies: Understanding
    Excited Delirium
    Chuck Haggard, Topeka, KS, PD

    11. Fit to Fight: Nutrition and Conditioning Like A Boss
    Larry Lindemann, IL State Police and Int’l Global Lindemann Worldwide

    12. Live a Life Worth Defending
    Shay VanVlymen,

    13. Boyd and Buddhism: Meditation & Accelerating the OODA Loop
    Jay Hinton

    14. Paul Gomez: Analytical Eclectic
    Andy Stanford, Options for Personal Security

    15. How We Live, How We Die: Tactical Anatomy & Physiology with
    Preserved Tissue Lab (4-hour block)
    Dr. Keith Brown
    Dr. Sherman House

    NOTE: This course is limited to the first 20 registrants.
    Because of the high cost of tissue samples used in the examinations, registrants will be responsible for an additional donation of $25.

    This 4-hour block taught by Dr. House (THE SHERMINATOR) and Dr. Brown (RESQDOC) will focus on the what, where and why of the human body’s critical systems with total emphasis on placement of directed kinetic energy for immediate incapacitation, avoiding same, and why our treatment priorities are what they are. There

    will be extensive HANDS ON dissection and demonstration of preserved animal tissues. This is a rare opportunity to learn what is behind the 5-B’s and see for yourself how air goes in & out, blood goes round and round, and the brain and spinal cord runs our beautiful machine. All supplies are provided; please bring some exam or kitchen gloves.

    The course will cover:
    Human Anatomy Review PPT
    How We Live PPT
    How We Die PPT
    Fetal Pig Dissection
    Organ Set Dissection
    Instructor Demos


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    Here, can't sleep.
    Doug Holloway

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    FYI: Raven Concealment Systems is releasing a special Paul Gomez Memorial Edition of their VanGuard 2 Holster with 100% of the profits generated by the sale of these VG2's being donated to the Paul Everett Gomez Memorial Trust benefiting Paul's family.

    Their drills are bloodless battles, and their battles bloody drills.
    - Historian Josephus (AD 37-101) on the Roman military


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