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Thread: Tell me if I got a good price on this Nightforce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orkan View Post
    The second ensures that the free market system is destroyed. It artificially controls the price of an item, rather than allowing the market to decide the price. It sucks money out of people's pockets, and puts it in the pocket of dealers. The REAL price, meaning dealer price, is always eventually found out, and that is what the scopes sell for used. It also creates a bunch of bickering bullshit among the industry. Instead of being free to charge what they like, and make whatever profit they like... dealers are forced to sell at a certain price. It makes gear MORE EXPENSIVE for the end user. Dealers that don't play ball, get snitched out by the pussy dealers out there whom find it more important to make huge sums of money than put quality gear in people's hands. Of course the manufacturers love this bullshit MSP system because now they can claim that because all dealers have a "fair" system to sell under... ANYONE can be competitive if they deal their product. In short, it's good for the dealer and good for the manufacturer... but absolute dogshit for the end user.
    It also probably violates some sort of free trade law.
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    Got it mounted and sighted in. Need to do up a range card for it and try it out further.
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