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Thread: K9 Preparedness Guide, FAQ & Link Thread

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    Great thread I have been think about this for a while and voila here we are. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VooDoo6Actual View Post
    He does fart 'nasty ass paint peelers' & 'throw up in your mouth a little clock stoppers' but usually wispers/SBD's. No growler's interestingly enough.

    He gets plenty of protein just from my scraps.

    Makes the perfect allaby for blame w/ chicks.

    Thx for the kind words. I'm going to have a tough time replacing him when that day comes.

    Yeah, I unfortunately know that pain all to well. Cinco, my avatar picture, is a reminder that the good one's can never be replaced - as it should be. There will always be that special spot for them in our heart. The cool thing is our hearts have an incredible ability to make room for another one - or eight!

    Thought about getting a few more may do so in near future. He's w/ a Belgian Malinois & German Sheppard at the moment being tended to by a LEO bud of mine, as I'm on an assignment away from my AO. Interestingly, the Malinois he's with was rejected by a PD & a LEO bud of mine picked up a $7,500-$12,000 for free. RICO (named that for a reason that most LEO's will understand as in 'RICO Act') is a nasty-ass biter. Myself & bud watching him thought that RICO would tear up Scout. To our mutual surprise Scout runs the show as Alpha even though I know he's a PUSS. Amazing what some Big Balls & mouth full of teeth can do or bluff...

    Ha ha. I amost snorted Yes, the dynamics of dog relationships is quite interesting. The little bitch (Salli-belle) will take the Chessie's toy even though Taytor could crush her - he's just not a fighter. However, he does subtly rule the roost and no one will come near him at meal time. I guess they choose thier time to be bossy.

    Your Canine FAT kit looks pretty good. Superglue, Tampons, Hydrogen peroxide, Electrolytes are all that I have different in mine basically.

    Thanks for the great advice on additions to the kit - I edited the above post to reflect it.

    Cheers! Cold beer and all that Give Scout a scratch and a little extra scraps tonight.

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    Dog's Life

    Dog's Life - Pulley

    My cases sit right in front of me
    waiting for someone to take me away.

    Alone again, my pills are kicking in...
    See I'm a dog and I'm locked in my cage.
    Eyes are red, tongue is hanging out,
    I'm thirsty as shit.. and I'm still a dog,
    fleas don't itch I had a bath the other day
    before this trip wonder where we're going.

    My toys are packed and
    I see my bed is in,
    And my two bowls are somewhere in reach.
    Scratch with rage
    until I find a way to get through this
    cardboard that sits under me.

    It's cold down here...
    A bumpy ride and my seat's not first class,
    man's best friend I feel befriended this is a
    dogs life
    ok were here, things are ok again
    brand new lawn just to welcome me here
    scratch my ears and I'll chase down your ball
    looks like this new place will be home
    for now. Won't take long,.. to go to sleep
    after going through all this.
    Wake up tomorrow and we'll
    do it again...
    This is a dog's life.

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    Wardogs - GBH

    Can't help but to think of this song every time I watch a GSD, Mal or other dog practice Schutzhund.

    Maybe Cairo the Seal Dog on the UBL raid was rocking to this tune?


    We're a bunch of desperados, a brave and fearless crew.

    We will work for anyone, we'll even work for you.

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

    Money is the cause we fight for

    We don't mind facing the dangers, when we're fighting for strangers.

    Have no conscience who we kill as long as you can foot the bill.

    We'll get your country out of any crisis, as long as you can meet our prices.

    We just kill and then get out, march into battle hear us shout.
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    You gents have awesome dogs. I have a GSD/Retriever mix, and he's a rescue as well. Bubba is very, very loyal. Maybe it's the bacon I feed him?

    I really do appreciate the tips on supplies and first aid. It's something I had frankly overlooked.

    I'll second the ability of him to judge strangers. The Chechens that live down the street found that out the hard way.

    He got extra bacon, AND cheese that day.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the knowledge and the laughs gents!

    Good thread idea for this particular sub-forum for sure.
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    No doubt I have put a lot of thought into the subject myself and never come up with a solid answer. I have 3 dogs 2 of them are easily controlled and quiet, the last one how ever will kill you if given the chance and he is anything but quiet. Ya that's great for scaring people off, but what about when you don't want to be seen?
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    My unit buys a lot of equipment from elite k-9.
    They have quality gear and good prices.
    Our local emergency vet put together basic first aid kit for all our vehicles that has stuff to treat non life threatening injuries. I would use my ifak for those. I have been thinking about a k-9 specific one though. Like this.

    4 xS-Rolled Gauze 2 xETD™ 4 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing 1 xETD™ Abdominal Emergency Trauma Dressing 1 xCombat Gauze™ Hemostatic Bandage 1 xNAR Needleless Saline Lock Kit 2 xARS® Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x3.25 in.) 2 xPetrolatum Gauze (3 in. x18 in.) 1 xSAM® Splint II (36 in. x4.25 in.) 1 xTrauma Shears (7.25 in.) 1 xEye Wash Solution 1 xSplinter Forceps 10 xBear Claw™ Nitrile Trauma Gloves (5 pr.) 1 xHydrogen Peroxide (8 oz) 1 xDigital Veterinary Thermometer 1 xTactical Black Muzzle 2 x2 in. Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape 2 x4 in. Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape 1 xBlack Flexible, Self-Adherent Bandaging Tape 1 xVeterinary Tissue Adhesive
    Here is my partner Aegis. He's a 2.5 year old Mal.

    And just for fun...
    as far as long term prepping things, aside from the med kit, I keep a few months of food on hand and have a years worth of basic stuff like hartworm, frontline, and a few weeks worth of antibiotics from the vet just in case.
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    I love dogs but suspect that they would be a liability and a drain on resources during a time of extreme need. Now I know dogs are considered a member of the family by many here but they are still just a animal and being such unpredictable in nature and disposable in a serious emergency.

    Being a multi decade LEO in a major city I have encountered thousands of dogs and have been able to observe common behavior traits which are not desirable when trying to live under the radar (Stealth) or travel. Dogs have a inherent need to protect their owners and territory and many here would say that during a time of emergency this is a force multiplier. But this same behavior also is a liability for those once again trying to lay low if the dog reacts to outside stimulus by barking or trying to run to the location of the disturbance giving your location up. Now if your on top of the dog maybe you can control him but if the dog or dogs are not immediately by your side then the jig is up and they are making a lot of noise.

    Also mostly one would not wish to allow your dog or dogs to venture out side to relieve them selfs if possible hostile were in the area so what measures have to taken manage dog waste and smell from inside the bug-in location?

    Dogs depending on size but especially service sized dogs need a good amount of food and water which may not be such a problem in the short term if your bugging in and have stored a large supply of dog food with your food stores but this planing falls apart once you have to bug out on foot or in a vehicle as now you have to hump additional weight to support a dog/dogs over the needs of yourself or family members.

    Now some may say while on the move I would just share my food and water with the dog, Really? Your are going to use food to sustain a dog over yourself and family? And what if you have more then one large dog with limited resources? Some may say they would hunt and gather supplies on the move but this action is unacceptable unless you have a silent mode for such (Bow, Crossbow or a "Can" for your weapons) and the movement to locate game would also expose you to contact with the bad guys or other hunting parties which is poor tactics.

    So my question to the multi dog owners is how are you going to over come all the liabilities of your dogs to were they are a positive advantage and not just a drain on resources and a sanitation issue over time. And once things get hard supply wise what would you do with such dogs that did not place addition risk to your parity.
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