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Thread: Range day deux

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    Looking at doing another in the April/May timeframe based off work schedules.

    Even though I always promise this and have yet to deliever, I should be spending some quality time with a bobcat and chainsaw to help expand the range.


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    April and March are by far my busiest months but I'd love to go again, especially since I don't know that I'll be able to take one of the courses I'd originally planned for in April.

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    Just some of the things we did:

    If anyone has any other footage from the day, I'd enjoy seeing it.
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    Nice vids.

    I've got a whole bunch of cardboard targets and 4-6 metal target stands i planned on bringing and just leaving there. so hopefully i can make the next. would like to take these items out of my shed lol.

    VMI-MO: if you're ever in hampton roads, let me know. you can come pick this stuff up so that the next time you go down to the range, you can bring it with you.

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    If anyone has any debrief points, comments or things they would like to see done next time, post them here, pm or email me.

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    If anyone has any pics/vids of me running the 9-hole head-to-head against the guy with the AK I would love to have it.
    I was the guy in the grey beanie, yellow eyepro, and rifle with green rail panels and ACS.
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