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Thread: build your ar lower in riverside while you can

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    build your ar lower in riverside while you can

    Ok gents if your in southern ca and cant locate any ar-15 80% lowers try superior metal in riverside ca. They had less than a hundred left as of yesterday. I got a few lined up for myself and if you need some hit them up. I know Ares in oceanside had some but i think their backordered until june or something. Rifle gear is also a favorite of mine but there sold out too.

    The price breakdown is as follows: lower 140, machining 30. These prices are if you buy and machine there. If you BYOL (bring your own lower) the cost on machining is 70 bucks.

    phone number is 888-550-spin sorry all I have is my Black Berry, look up spin on your phones.

    Maybe we could set up a build day with calguns or something.
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    Do these guys have an anodizer they work with, if so how much extra is it?


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