Mr. Vickers, I have been watching your different shows for long time and learned a lot. I will often watch them several times. Thanks for the invaluable insights from your training, experience, and skill.

Just watched the above show on 3 pt., 2 pt., and 1 pt. slings. This was very informative. Given overall advantages of 2 pt. sling shown on show, instead of using or adapting sling to 1 pt., do you recommend just sticking with 2 pt. and hanging on neck alone for shooting around different sides of cover? Or do you think adapting 2 pt. to 1 pt. better, if sling is one that can do this?

I was very impressed with both Steven (Director of Design) and Brittainy (Public Relations) from Blue Force Gear. Steven obviously had good skills that showed. Brittainy exhibited both guts and talent; she did quite well in a challenging environment. IMHO they did excellent job representing Blue Force Gear and showing their designs based on know-how. I will be looking at their gear and your VCAS.

Could you have your fine son shoot with you again sometime? It is good to see young people getting responsible training with firearms.

All the episodes with you and Ken Hackathorn have a synergy for a real learning experience! Makes you sit on on the front of your seat to be sure not to miss anything. Please use this team again in future Tac-TV episodes. Also, the Gunsite "Myths" episodes were excellent.

Effect of higher sights on zeroing M4, your steps in firing handgun, and so many other things you've shown are deeply appreciated.

John Parrott