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Thread: Illinois AWB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryno12 View Post
    Pat, Your opinion is based around your experiences living in Alaska.
    I hadn't thought of that, but a cop from a state that collectively can't handle its liquor is in NO position to lecture anyone on the effects of carrying into places that serve it.

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    So wait a minute just so were clear the argument is that because stupid people do stupid things absent of whatever the law says good folks should be disbarred from exercising their rights because of the actions of said stupid people? Really? I'd say surprised but I'm not.

    This is tantamount to arguing that women shouldn't carry for protection because some would be rapist might get a hold of the weapon and use it on her, she should just lie there and take it like a good victim and say thank you.
    “Answer The Bell...” J.W.

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