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Thread: 10/22 Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnanaphone View Post
    Interesting, I had read barrel droop was induced by over-tightening the v-block to pull the barrel down.
    There are at least a few reasons for barrel droop...overtightening the V-block is one of them.

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    When you figure out what is causing the problem, please post the solution. I would like to add it to my bag of tricks I use to repair firearms.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and help. My fix was actually quite easy, just required me to flip the leupold base on it. Took it to get it sighted in today and it was shooting great. I've never measured groups, but easily hitting the sticky glow bullseyes (~ .75") at 50 yards using federal bulk pack. Looking forward to what I can do with a little better ammo.

    As far as barrel droop, I did have already volquarsten (sp?) v-block installed trying to anticipate anything of that nature.

    Ultimately I'm glat to have decided a 10/22 over my dedicated ar .22 build. I had a cmmg barrel & bolt which which was not very reliable for me.

    Thanks for all the help

    Here's a picture of my new varmint/plinker:

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