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Thread: AAR - Dynamic Shooting Systems Shotgun Course - Council Bluffs, IA 7/2013

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    AAR - Dynamic Shooting Systems Shotgun Course - Council Bluffs, IA 7/2013

    Who: DSS - Dynamic Shooting Systems
    What: Shotgun Course
    When: July 31, 2013 - 0730 to 1700.
    Where: Council Bluffs, IA
    Why: Better understanding of Shotguns as a defensive firearm.

    Dynamic Shooting Systems: A little about DSS, Dynamic Shooting Systems conducts firearms training courses primarily here in the Midwest and is operated by Shawn Claussen. Shawn served in the USMC in the 90's and has been "walking the beat" as a full time Police Officer for the past 15+ years. He is a locked on shooter and a knowledgeable and passionate instructor that is committed to helping students gain a better understanding of not only their firearms, but also the techniques required to "Win" the fight.

    Students: Civilian and DOTMIL, a mix of skill levels were present from beginner to Intermediate.

    Course: This was my first Shotgun Course and while I have been running a shotgun in competitions for several years I was readily welcoming the opportunity to have some one on one time in regards to the platform. All in all, I found the content was practical, relevant, easy to follow and organized. Many of the techniques for manipulation for the shotgun I found where similar if not identical to the carbine...one less thing to try to learn..BONUS! As far as shotgun specific content, loading and patterning is where the value was for me...learning how and when to PROPERLY fuel my shotgun through several hundred repetitions was key! As expected there was a ton of information provided in the course, everything flowed smoothly and each skill we learned and honed, allowed all of us to gain a better grasp on running these things properly.

    As expected, familiarization through hands on time with the shotgun alone was valuable...jamming shotgun shells and having that thing beat on you over 8 hours is a HUGE learning tool. You figure out what you like, don't like and why, rather quickly...when we had questions into why this problem kept arising with us, our shotguns or our gear, Shawn would jump right in with a suggestion or tweak our technique. All in all this was a great course and all of the students echo my thoughts that this class was valuable and worth every penny...I for one will be taking this one again as there are without a doubt some things I still need help with and/or forgot!

    Instructor: As an instructor, Shawn introduced, discussed in detail and demonstrated the topics at hand to the standard. Plenty of "hands on" time was allotted for us to fumble our way through techniques with Shawn coaching us when we had problems. Shawn welcomed our questions, comments and concerns, and treated all of the students with respect and professionalism.

    Below is an overview of the topics presented AND practiced throughout the Course:

    DSS Philosophy:
    Principle Based vs. Scenario Based
    SNS Activation and Action vs. Reaction

    Realities of Deadly Force Engagements - Worst Case Scenario Planning:
    2006 NIBRS Data
    FBI: In the line of Fire
    FSRC: Biomechanics of Lethal Encounter: Suspect Actions
    NYPD: 2010 Firearms Discharge
    Armed: Kleck and Kates

    DSS Training Methodology - 4Ms:

    Why use them today?
    Pros / Cons
    Shotgun Selection - Auto and Pump
    Equipment selection and set up
    Sights: Adjustable / Beads / Ghosts / RDS
    Ammo selection Pros / Cons

    Shotguns - Loading:
    Loading / Unloading
    Combat Reloads / Topping Off
    Load Switch Outs

    Shotguns - Zero / Patterning:
    Zeroing: Slugs - 25 to 50 yards. Walk back drills out to 100 yards.
    Patterning: Bird Shot and 00 Buck 5 yards out to 35 yards
    Target analysis

    Shotgun - Positions with AND without barricades:
    Prone / Roll Over Prone

    Shotgun - Malfunctions:

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