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Thread: TQ vs pressure dressing

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    This thread has been the biggest load of mental masturbation I've seen here. And for M4C, that's saying a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic1 View Post
    you are using stats saying that an ineffective TQ, either partially or totally, leads to increased morbidity and mortality to prove that I am clueless and inconsistent in my stance.
    Ok I'll try one more time...how do you get that from this?

    Total ineffectiveness (continued bleeding) was WORSE than partial ineffectiveness (persistent distal pulse) in that 61% and 51% had morbidity and 9% and 2% mortality rates, respectively.
    That quote is from the article YOU cited (page S44) the stats EXPLICITLY state that an ineffective TQ has DECREASED MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY OVER DOING NOTHING AT ALL.

    Either you can't read or you can't count. Neither gives you much credibility.
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    I want to apologize for the needless back and forth, and for the thread bump linking to the blog post.
    I have given my advice to the OP, and will bow out of this discussion.

    @Gutshot John:

    We'll have to agree to disagree. Good night.
    It's not about surviving, it's about winning!

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