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Thread: The Secret History of Eugene Stoner and the M16

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    The Secret History of Eugene Stoner and the M16

    A little background:
    Got into a discussion on another forum that delved into the other party continually calling 5.56 worthless and the AR/M16 series a mistake from the start etc etc etc Turns out he's a conspiracy theorist of all kinds (you name it he gets into it) so I wrote this up. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it

    Alright, there has certainly been a lot of conjecture from both sides of this issue. From its initial inception, the AR/M16 series was subject to a bizarre partisan combination of hatred and praise. The reason for this seeming contradiction lays deep in the history of the development. In this short essay, I will attempt to elucidate the root reasons behind this.

    The Secret History of Eugene Stoner and the M16 Rifle

    When doing research on the origins on the M16 rifle, we are often told the story of General Curtis LeMay first approaching Eugene Stoner about developing a new rifle. The official story goes that Stoner developed the AR-10 (the first 7.62N version) in the mid-1950’s as a contender for Project SALVO (established in 1948). Later on, LeMay requested that the AR-10 be trimmed down to accept a modified .222 caliber round and Stoner obliged. The rifle was purchased by the .gov in 1961 and the rest is history.

    Or is it?

    Before getting into the fine details let us first delve into the combat results reported by Project AGILE (an ARPA program. ARPA later became DARPA). William Godel, one of the directors of Project AGILE sent (10) 5.56 M16 prototypes to South Vietnam to test their combat efficiency. The results were positively overwhelming. Here is a snippet of part of the report, “Test of ArmaLite Rifle: AR-15” (full unclassified report here)
    c. Range of engagement: 30-100 meters
    d. Type wounds:
    1. Back wound, which caused the thoracic cavity to explode.
    2. Stomach wound, which caused the abdominal cavity to
    3. Buttock wound, which destroyed all tissue of both
    4. Chest wound from right to left, destroyed the thoracic
    5. Heel wound, the projectile entered the bottom of the
    right foot causing the leg to split from the foot to the
    These deaths were inflicted by the AR-15 and all were instantaneous except the buttock wound. He lived approximately five minutes.
    Of course, these wounding characteristics did not seem to directly translate later on when the M16 became a mass-issue rifle. Why not?
    Later on, we (the American public and the world) were told that these so-called, ‘explosive’ wounds were due to Project AGILE rifles having a 1/14” twist barrel and 1/12” barrels when they were issued. Let’s suppose for just a minute that the government line is 100% true; why would they not employ the incredibly effective 1/14” twist barrels if they were so devastating?

    The fact is that the classified version of the ARPA report, “Test of ArmaLite Rifle: AR-15” was never declassified; only a scrubbed and polished piece of propaganda was released. Furthermore, the actual diagramed wound tracks were not ‘declassified’ until nearly 20 years later in 1980 (the real diagramed wound tracks are and continue to be Top Secret//Eyes Only).

    The reason why the original ARPA remains classified is because the subjects the prototype rifles were used against were not VNA or VC troops but of another biological organism completely.

    On July 7, 1947 an extraterrestrial craft crash landed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The Air Force, in collusion with greater government forces, quickly covered up the incident. The original story was that of a weather balloon. Many years later the government would recant with another cover story to cover their cover story: Project MOGUL.

    The bodies and materiel from the crash were transported to a secret facility underneath Wright-Patterson air force base known as Hangar-18. The metals and alloys the flying saucer and ET armored suits utilized baffled scientists. There were seemingly impervious to heat and impact. Just a few short months later Project SALVO was established to solve the problem. Materials Science Engineers discovered that a higher velocity, smaller caliber, conventional round could pierce the armor that appeared to be invulnerable against the larger, slower rounds in current use.

    It was only after this revelation that General LeMay approached Eugene Stoner about development of the 5.56mm. LeMay knew he could trust him because several years prior, Stoner himself had been read into Project SALVO to reverse-engineer some of the extraterrestrial small-arms technology.

    The USSR had similar ongoing programs. In Tunguska on June 30, 1908 an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed. Officially called a meteor strike, details remained in the dark murk until after the fall of the iron curtain. Though it is widely stated that the 5.45x39mm round was developed in reaction to the American 5.56mm cartridge, the truth is much simpler: The Russians, under the guidance of a scientist named M. Sabelnikova, also found that a smaller caliber, higher velocity projectile had the ability to penetrate the hard armor of extraterrestrial exoskeletons where traditional projectiles failed.

    Though the gas action of the M16-series is often erroneously called, ‘direct gas impingement’ this is not the case. In his patent #2,951,424 Stoner clearly states:
    This invention is a true expanding gas system instead of the conventional impinging gas system
    What the unclassified patent does not state is that the idea came not from Stoner himself but him profiteering from his reverse-engineering work done during Project SALVO.

    The phrase, “This feels like a space rifle!” is often attributed to Vietnam veterans upon their first handling of an M16-series rifle. High sources state that the phrase was actually first uttered ironically by then-Colonel René Studler, U.S. Army Ordnance's Chief of Small Arms Research and Development, the first time he picked up an M16. That story spread through Project SALVO and later through Project AGILE as a running gag. Realizing this may inadvertently disclose the true origins of the M16, the RAND Corporation began a massive misinformation campaign to associate the, ‘space rifle’ comments to drug-addled veterans, thus discrediting any literal interpretation of the statement.

    The M16 was incredibly unique because it was made of such lightweight materials. With an aluminum receiver and synthetic furniture it was a significant deviation from traditional firearms of the time with wooden stocks and steel receivers. At one point, at the bequest of George Sullivan, an AR variant was released with a barrel made of, ‘Sullaloy’, a hardened aluminum. Barrels were also produced with bodies almost entirely constructed of aluminum with only a thin steel liner in the bore. Though officially we are told these were failures due to barrel ruptures, they continue to be manufactured by Diemaco, Colt Defense, and FN strictly for DARPA and CIA use.

    Why the focus on using non-steel materials? To find a firm answer all we need to do is have a look at the details of Project JUMP-ROOM (‘J-R’ for short or simply, ‘Junior’ to those in the program). Project JUMP-ROOM has its roots within the OSS (precursor to the CIA) and the smuggling of top scientists and technology out of Germany towards the end of WWII. The Germans developed, ‘Instant Molecular Transportation’ (IMT) in 1944, too late to make a difference in the outcome of the war. With the help of physicists spirited out of the war zone, ARPA and CIA assets perfected the technology. J-R was housed in plain sight, in a laboratory in El Segundo, California.

    Several high ranking CIA officials have admitted to their collusion and participation in J-R including Andrew D. Basiago, Arthur Neumann, William B. Stillings, and Bernard Mendez. When early Chrononauts first began live-teleportation, they found that any large quantity of steel reacted violently within the folded space-time of the IMT machinery. Further experimentation found aluminum, lead, and copper to be almost non-reactive and smaller pieces of steel were deemed a controlled risk.

    When Chrononauts part of the J-R program used the IMT machine to become the first men to leave the Earth (in 1952—17 years before the much vaunted moon mission) and arrive on Mars, they immediately encountered a hostile species.

    In order to hide the massive casualties the United States was suffering against the Martian species, several terrestrial wars were started. It is estimated by DARPA that 25% of the official casualties of the Korean War actually died on Mars and a whopping 65% of KIA’s from Vietnam. The explosive wounding results of the 5.56mm as reported by Project AGILE were actually references to terminal effects on Martian fighters, not VC or NVA.

    It wasn’t until the combination of Sullaloy-barrels and M-193 5.56mm that the tide began to turn in the bloodied conflict. On November 21, 1963, then-President John Kennedy told his panel of advisors he was going to disclose details of Project JUMP-ROOM and the Martian conflict to a news agency. The next day he was exiled to a CIA outpost on Mars and holographic technology (the same used by the government during the 9/11 attacks) was used to project the false image that he was assassinated the next day in Dallas, Texas.

    [Above photo shows a US Army soldier fighting on Mars]

    An armistice was signed between the Martians and the government of the United States on August 1, 1973 (it is not a coincidence that the US left Vietnam just a couple short weeks later).

    When the Martians began a new uprising in the year 2000, the CIA and DARPA knew that the dismal padded casualty numbers from MOOTW (Military Operations Other Than War) would not begin to explain the number of actual casualties they would have on hand. In conspiracy with the Israelis, Reptilians, and the Free-Masons, DARPA staged the 9/11 attacks with moon-based energy weapons and holographic technology—thus justifying a new war and an easy way to hide casualties in the new Martian conflict.

    Due to the advent of modern and reliable electronic optics and white lights, more metal had to be removed from the M16-series to accommodate them. Although aluminum appeared to be non-reactive during IMT transport researchers found that less metal, reactive or not, was better. Bushmaster, responding to a DARPA request, made one of the first polymer lower receivers for the AR/M16. They later responded with carbon fiber upper receivers and other companies joined in. Soon, even synthetic fire control groups and vastly lightened bolt carrier groups were manufactured (the latter justified as, ‘for competition use’).

    In the future, we can expect and anticipate smaller calibers with even higher velocities (such as the FN 5.7) as Martian armor technology improves. Likewise, we will soon see rifles and pistols with more and more synthetic, non-metal materials used in construction to ensure reliable IMT teleportation.

    -Neither the 5.56mm nor the 5.45x39mm are phenomenal performers against humans because they were developed to fight extraterrestrials.
    -The M16, reverse-engineered alien technology itself, is mostly aluminum and synthetic in order to ease transportation to the Martian surface.
    -As a result of the both of the above, no human in possession of an AR/M16-series rifle has ever been abducted by extraterrestrials
    -All American conflicts and incursions since WWII have been started as cover-up operations for Martian conflicts.
    Dave Merrill
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    I never would have guessed. Martians. They made a movie about the Martian counter attack with Jack Nicholson, Jim Brown, etc., etc. The title escapes me!!!

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    As a result of the both of the above, no human in possession of an AR/M16-series rifle has ever been abducted by extraterrestrials
    Oh, so that's why the Martians haven't abducted any of us!

    And who'd have thunk Bushmaster was actually ahead of the technological curve all along?

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    You sir, are a true patriot for bringing this all to light.

    We are not worthy.

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    Mind = blown

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    That was incredible.
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    That totally makes sense.

    Thanks Dave!
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    I tip my helmet to you Sir. Well done.
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    Too funny....hope you're laying low after revealing all that truth.
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