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Thread: Femoral bleedout - Warning *GRAPHIC*

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadmin View Post
    Is a gunshot wound in that zone common or rare in combat? How large is the zone that can be hit by the bullet and sever that artery? I mean, I know the bullet will flip and yaw, but with as much emplasis as it takes to get a spinal coloumn hit, does the same apply to the femoral zone, or is it if you just hit the upper thigh with a rifle caliber it will likely be damaged?

    It happened to a police officer in Las Vegas a couple years ago. He had a partner who knew what he was doing (former EMT) and saved his life.

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    I am just a normal guy who likes to shoot as a hobby. These videos are always a real eye opener to what this "Hobby" is capable of. I don't know if I missed it, but why did no one help this fella? All those uniforms just standing around watching? I practice Kali so we do a lot of knife fighting and it's true this is a common target with an edged weapon and it's all too easy to hit. I have no experience with ever trying to "apply" this with anything other than a practice knife. Has anyone ever seen an edged weapon do this?
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