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Thread: Walker defies order to close federally-funded parks

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    Here the federal areas are pay to park but you can walk in anywhere you want.

    I generally pay the parking since I use them for mtn biking a lot and they keep the trails up pretty well.

    "The world would be a better place if more people owned wild animals and were eaten by them" me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javelin View Post
    Good on Walker to give the finger. Texas has no federally funded land for hunting and fishing. All of it is privately owned and that keeps gov out.

    What are all these places listed by the U.S. Forest Service?

    The WMAs are:
    Angelina National Forest
    Bannister 25,658 acres

    Davy Crockett National Forest
    Alabama Creek 14,561 acres

    Sabine National Forest
    Moore Plantation 26,455 acres

    Caddo National Grassland
    Caddo 16,150 acres

    Sam Houston National Forest
    Sam Houston 162,984 acres

    Good on Walker it needs to be happening more.

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    Government imply new law for the welfare of general public but now a days these are totally different.They implement the new laws without knowing that what will be the outcome of that policy.
    If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it

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