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Thread: AAR: Magpul Dynamics Dynamic Handgun 2 Oct 18-20 2013

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    AAR: Magpul Dynamics Dynamic Handgun 2 Oct 18-20 2013

    Class – Magpul Dynamics Dynamic Handgun 2
    Location – Red 6, 6010 Thomas Jefferson Dr, Forest VA
    Date – October 18-20 2013
    Instructor – Steve Fisher

    Day 1 –
    Day 1 started as a typical class, meeting the instructor, Steve Fisher, and introductions from he and the other students. This class consisted of 4 Law Enforcement officers, 1 Federal officer, and 4 civilians, one of which had recently retired after 20+ years in the military. It was clear from the introductions that everyone attending had been shooting for a while and had attending classes with various instructors. Safety and medical briefs were covered as were a brief overview of what he hoped to cover and what we as students expected and wanted to gain from the course.

    Steve started with a 25 yard string of fire. Cold. Right off the bat. We were shooting at distance and working forward. Steve has set of standards he runs for his classes. Don’t worry if you can’t get it the first time, you’ll be seeing a bunch over the next few days! It seemed that after every block of instruction we returned to these standards. Steve only counts shots inside the 8” target circle on the Magpul photo target, again stressing accuracy.

    After running his class standards, Steve started by working some close up accuracy drills and briefly running over some fundamentals. Here he pointed out a couple of things about arm extension and head placement that really brought home some points of the basics for me. He also aided the student next to me with his cross eye dominance issue. That guy saw almost immediate response as his accuracy started to increase almost on the spot!

    We worked several drills all day, working on accuracy, re-working fundamentals, learning or re-learning better, more efficient ways to employ them, all while Steve offered instruction and advice and explaining how, where and why we had pulled shots off target.

    Day 2 -
    We had already been told that this would be a long day. Day 2 would see us have a short lunch, dinner provided by the host, Red 6 shooting range and Tactical Ridge store, and ending with a low light/no light evening class. We started day 2 with Steve’s standards. I believe most of us saw a marked increase in our shots inside the 8” circle. We would shoot these at least 1 or 2 more times that day. We moved on to one handed shooting from both sides. Steve had a couple of excellent techniques that really helped. I had learned in the police academy many years ago to shoot left hand, left eye. I’ve been doing that for nearly 20 years. Steve showed us a technique to keep our dominant eye on the sights, and I saw a sizable increase in my accuracy left handed.
    Steve moved into malfunction drills. I’ve seen many people work pistol malfunctions in a variety of ways. Steve had what is arguably the simplest and easiest set of clearances I’ve worked with. Frankly for the 4 LEO’s attending, it was a humbling experience. We have all taught the accepted clearances for years. After seeing Steve’s demo, we simply looked at each other and shook our collective heads. He has set malfunctions drills to such an easy, memorable, and more importantly repeatable under stress drill it was embarrassing to think we had never thought of it ourselves. Like I said, humbling.

    The night class with low light was definitely eye opening. Using both the open range and the Red 6 range shoot house, Steve showed several different types and lumen counts of lights and we could see the differences first hand. We shots several drills we had done during the day, including one hand strings with reloading and malfunction drills thrown in. Steve’s malfunction clearances really showed their worth here. All students were able to clear their pistols, in the dark, under stress with little or no light using his technique. He also had one of the LE students bring their patrol vehicle up behind the line and run the lights. The flashing LED’s added a new dimension to the shooting that most of the civilian students had never experienced before.

    Day 3 -

    Day 3 started just like the other 2, shooting Steve’s class standards. I know my personal score of shots outside of the 8” ring dropped quite a bit from day one. Next Steve started movement drills front and back, as well as side to side. Then he started incorporating all the lessons and drills we had covered in the previous two days into the movement. Moving through the accuracy drills, one hand shooting drills, malfunctions, and such. Again, in several places, the simplicity of the malfunction drills, and reinforcement of the basics were emphasized and their value obvious. Steve ended the day with a short talk on real life use and the need for the skills we had been training.

    Conclusions -
    Overall this was an excellent class! Steve Fisher is an excellent instructor. From beginning to end his professionalism, ability to transfer his knowledge to the class, and application of real world skills in applicable drills was top notch. My stated goal on day one was to learn some new skills, polish old skills, and be able to take what I learned back to my department and those I work with that I’m tasked with training. I learned more new things than I planned, and re-learned several of the things I thought I knew. I would definitely recommend this course and would take it again!
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    Thank you, Wil it was my pleasure to spend some great range time with you all
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    I've never had an instructor be able to hone in on a problem with my shooting and fix it like Steve Fisher. Good AAR. Thanks,



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