I just got some Allen brand 3/8" plates, a 10" round and a 12x20" silhouette.

Been using the 10" for rifle and pistol, the bigger one for rifle farther out.

Happy with 'em so far. Farthest I've yet shot the silhouette is 300 yards, solidly audible hit w/ 62gr FMJ, a bit louder with 75gr OTMs. Should have a chance to get a big farther next month.

Have shot the 10" to 225 yards. The smaller one seems to make a slightly louder impact sound.

Got 'em at the LGS, loving them. Have made portable stands for them, one of 2x4, other of bamboo. Rockin' carriage bolts & chains I had laying around, got the chains spaced out on the bolt w/ extra nut for slight downward angle.

Life is good!