Who: DSS - Dynamic Shooting Systems
What: Pistol Multiples Course
When: November 6th, 2013, 0800 - 1200.
Where: Council Bluffs, IA
Why: High probability of a fight requiring multiple shots and the the threat of multiple attackers.

Instructor: Shawn Claussen, Dynamic Shooting Systems
Service as an NCO with the Marine Security Guard Battalion during the 90's, the MSGBN is responsible for US Embassy protection.
Active Police Officer with 15+ years of experience, special assignments have included Head of the Firearms Training Unit, ERU Marksman/Observer and Entry Team Member.
Guest Instructor at the 2010 International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's Annual Training Conference in San Antonio, TX.
USPSA Production Division, Class "B"

Students: Civilians.

Course: This one started on the range with an overview of a variety of data to support the fact that handguns are notoriously poor fight stoppers, hence the need for multiple shots, and the probability of there being more than one threat present during a gun fight. After attending several of Shawn's courses now, I have come to welcome the fact that the material presented throughout the course will be supported by factual data and real life experience, not hear say. We dove into the facts, asked many questions and then hit the range for live fire training.

As you will see from the information listed below, we covered a large amount of material with a heavy emphasis on trigger manipulation and sights. We conducted "Discovery Learning" throughout the course and compared times against ourselves at different distances on multiple targets and with multiple shots...eye opening!

Accountability was HUGE from the moment we stepped onto the firing line and Shawn held us to his standard through our final performance evaluation at the end of the day..none of us were overly thrilled with our performance, but the results didn't lie about our skill level.

Valuable course and I walked away with a better understanding of why I need to do what I need to do when dealing with multiple shots and multiple targets. In summarizing the multiples course I'll say this...It's all about split times!

Below is an overview of the topics presented AND practiced throughout the Course:

DSS Philosophy:
Principle Based vs. Scenario Based
SNS Activation and Action vs. Reaction

Realities of Deadly Force Engagements - Worst Case Scenario Planning:
FBI: In the line of Fire
NYPD: Firearms Discharge
Armed: Kleck and Kates

DSS Training Methodology:
4 Ms

Multiple Shots / Multiple Attackers Statistics:
Baltimore County, MD
LA County Sheriffs

Shooting Fundamentals:
Grip / Stance

Trigger Specifics:
Pistol Trigger: Purpose / What it is telling you about your pistol's status
Trigger Finger: Where, how, manipulation
Trigger Press: Pre-Travel, Sear Release, Follow Through

Physiological abilities of the eyes
Sight Alignment / Sight Picture
Threat Focus VS Sight Focus
Sight Selection
Point Of Aim and Point Of Impact

Multiple Shots and Multiple Target Engagements:
Multiple Shots VS Multiple Targets and time variances between engagement
Goal of Multiple Shots - Split Times
Hammered Pairs
Controlled Pairs
Tracking targets

V/r - Rob