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Thread: AAR: Dynamic Shooting Systems' Intro Pistol in Council Bluffs, IA 11/7/13

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    AAR: Dynamic Shooting Systems' Intro Pistol in Council Bluffs, IA 11/7/13

    Who: DSS - Dynamic Shooting Systems
    What: Introductory Pistol Course
    When: November 7th, 2013, 0700 - 1700.
    Where: Council Bluffs, IA
    Why: Firearms ownership and usage.

    Instructor: Shawn Claussen, Dynamic Shooting Systems
    Service as an NCO with the Marine Security Guard Battalion during the 90's, the MSGBN is responsible for US Embassy protection.
    Active Police Officer with 15+ years of experience, special assignments have included Head of the Firearms Training Unit, ERU Marksman/Observer and Entry Team Member.
    Guest Instructor at the 2010 International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's Annual Training Conference in San Antonio, TX.
    USPSA Production Division, Class "B"

    Students: Civilians.

    Course: As the title states this is an "introductory" course, what it doesn't state is that it's a course designed to prepare the student for all aspects of purchasing, possessing, transporting, carrying and using firearms.

    The morning session was spent in the classroom where we covered in detail Iowa State Code as it pertains to appropriate defense of self, another and property as well as guidelines for the justified use of deadly force, mindset, firearms training objectives as they pertain to personal defense, "Performance On Demand" and the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System. Once Shawn covered the morning's material, we waded into use of force scenarios requiring legal and moral navigation...it was intense to say the least.

    With the classroom wrapped up, we hit the range for firearms safety discussion, pistol familiarization, shooting fundamentals, two hand and one hand shooting, reloads and malfunctions. We worked from 7 yards throughout the firing portion of the course focusing on body and head shots with and without a timer. One of the unique aspects of Shawn's courses is that he conducts a performance evaluation, for this course an 80% is required to pass and all of the students received passing scores.

    To say that this course was beneficial is an understatement. I've been around firearms my entire life, have spent close to 20 years in the military and have had my Iowa permit since 1999 and yes, felt that I had a decent understanding of Use of Force and Iowa State Code...all I can say is, I do now. The bottom line is this, you owe it to yourself and your family to KNOW the laws as they pertain to you and use of force....in the end, you will be the one explaining your actions to a jury of your peers.

    Below is an overview of the topics presented AND practiced throughout the Course:

    DSS Philosophy:
    Principle Based vs. Scenario Based
    SNS Activation and Action vs. Reaction

    DSS Training Methodology:
    4 Ms

    Iowa State Codes as they pertain to appropriate defense:

    Sympathetic Nervous System:
    Ways to simulate activation of the SNS

    Firearms Safety
    Grip/Stance/Sights/Trigger/Follow Through
    Two hand / One hand / Weak hand shooting
    Single and Multiple Shots

    Working from the holster
    Position Sul

    V/r - Rob

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