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Thread: For the family of A.C. and for Chuck. The M4C BCM AR-15 raffle thread.

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    For the family of A.C. and for Chuck. The M4C BCM AR-15 raffle thread.


    To all who have participated or just sent messages in thanks we are suspending all further transactions as of 2200 EST. This is due to the overwhelming response and the need to catch up on tallying the ticket sales. Also to just give time to reply to everyone. 350 tickets is the number of tickets we initially agreed on and we are trying to maintain this. Some may disagree with this and the more money the better but please understand we have thought through this and have our reasons. All messages timestamped before 2200 EST will be replied to. After we have tallied up the number (which I believe is getting very close to 350 already) we will adjust fire after we have our numbers. If we are still below our target, ticket sales will be reopened. Thanks for your patience and more importantly thanks to everyone for the incredible response!

    We the friends of Army Chief are holding a raffle for a truly one off new rifle. Paul Buffoni and Bravo Company have graciously donated this uniquely equipped AR15 to Grant so that he may pass it on to one very lucky member.Duffy of Battle Arms Development has also donated 2 pieces of kit I know personally that Chuck himself would approve of. LAV has also kindly offered his excellent padded Vickers sling to go along with the rifle. Our own Iraqgunz along with Four Peaks Armory out of Arizona have also added some illumination in the form of a Surefire X300 to an already great recipe. Firstlight USA & member superr.stu are also donating a Tactical NV Tomawk light that can be used as a handheld or hands free light!

    With IG's recommendation I have gotten in touch with Jeff at LEO Armory out of Tuscon and I am VERY happy to announce that the patch that militarymoron is doing in Chuck 's honor will be engraved on the magazine well making this rifle truly special. I spoke with Jeff on the phone yesterday and he enthusiastically jumped at the chance to help. Ironically he is retired Army.....Apache pilot Thank you Jeff and LEO Armory Military moron is donating one of the ArmyChief memorial patches to add to this as well. A very fitting touch to top this package off.

    If you don't know a carrying handle from a charging handle we've got you covered as well. More on that later.

    This rifle is a prototype and I know AC himself would have loved it.

    Here are the specs:

    -BCM KMR13 handguard
    -KM 1913 panels, both polymer & aluminum
    -Battle Arms Development 90 ambidextrous safety selector (not pictured)
    -Blue Force gear padded Vickers sling-black-from LAV (not pictured)
    -Impact Weapons Components Key Mod sling mount
    -Enhanced light weight fluted pinned 14.5" mid length gas system barrel
    -BCM enhanced trigger guard
    -ALG ACT trigger group
    -BCM Compensator Mod 1
    -Battle Arms Development Enhanced Takedown Pins (not pictured)
    -BCM Gunfighter charging handle Mod 4
    -B5 Systems Bravo Stock
    -Diamond Head front & rear folding sights.
    -BCM Gunfighter grip Mod 1
    -Surefire X300 (not pictured)
    -Firstlight USA NV Tactical light (not pictured)
    - Grant has also told me he will be shipping this rifle with multiple 30 round magazines

    -ArmyChief memorial patch

    Weight: approximately 6 pounds as pictured.

    Also Included!From VA_Dinger, One free 2 day Carbine Class from Atlas Training and Security Services!

    This 'turnkey' AR-15 is to benefit AC's family. 100% of the proceeds will go to the family as the rifle was donated with that purpose in mind.

    Again, BCM, Duffy @ B.A.D., LAV, VA_Dinger, Atlas Training, Iraqgunz, Four Peaks Armory, Firstlight USA, superr.stu & Grant words can't express the gratitude for allowing this to go forward. Jeff and the entire group at LEO Armory thank you as well for stepping up with a smile willing to help in this project. Militarymoron, the patch is very much appreciated and gives a strong reminder of why so many of us came together to help make a great man's life just a little bit better by showing him M4C cares Thank you M4C for permitting us to hold this private benefit raffle for AC. Thank you Sam for being such a good friend to Chuck and helping with me in guiding this endeavor. We hope this effort will help Mrs. Terri & the entire Petrie family financially, but through our show of love and support for Chuck, spiritually as well.

    Good luck to those who enter and thank you for supporting our friend and eternal staff member, Army Chief, and his family.We are offering chances to win at $20 per ticket. Only 350 chances will be offered . You can buy as many as you like. The raffle will continue until all 350 tickets are sold or until the drawing of the winner on 16 February 2014.

    Legal considerations:

    PLEASE, do not enter if this gun cannot be shipped to your state. With that said if you would like to donate to Chuck's family with the caveat that you cannot legally own this firearm, we welcome your participation. Entrants take responsibility for observing any prohibitions of this firearm in their state. If it's not permitted in your state, please do not enter. If you're not sure, check with your local dealer.

    All BATF rules/laws , local and state will be observed. You must be 18 yrs old to enter and legally permitted to take possession. The rifle will be shipped prepaid by Grant to the FFL dealer specified by the winner. Any dealer fees on the receiving end will be paid by the winner.

    Payment Instructions:

    For questions please contact me via PM.Payments can be made in one way-POSTAL MONEY ORDER

    The Points of contact for payment are either myself or Ironman8 through private message. In our reply we will send you the mailing address for payment. Ticket numbers will not be given out until payment is received. On the money order please *****make sure to write down your username on M4C***** so we can track who is who.

    -Revision-money order is preferred but we are now accepting personal checks.
    For those wishing to help but cannot legally own this type of firearm feel free to send a donation in the previously listed method of payment.

    I must add if you do not hear from myself or Ironman8 immediately please understand this is being run by two individuals trying to handle 350 tickets. We will respond as quick as possible. Thanks fellas.

    Thinking of you Chuck


    Ticket holders

    This list is from confirmed payments we have received. If you donation was sent via money order or check your username and corresponding ticket number/numbers will be placed on this list. If you have already paid be patient and will post as soon as I can. In brackets is the site the user is from:

    Last update 15 Feb. @ 1653

    -RebelRifle [M4C] 961778
    -SeriousStudent [M4C] 961775,961776,961777,962349
    -HD1911 [M4C] 961983,96984
    -Safetyhit [M4C] 961985,961986
    -Cl2 [M4C] 961988,961989
    -SteyrAUG [M4C] 961990, 961991
    -skatz11 [M4C] 961993,961994
    -CoryCop25 [M4C] 961992,961995,961996,961997,961998
    -DreadPirateMoyer [M4C] 961999,962326
    -Koshinn [M4C] 962000
    -WildWilli [1911f] 962001
    -Ned Christiansen [M4C] 962002,962003
    -gun71530 [M4C] 962004
    -Plumber237 [M4C] 962005,962065,962066
    -REM_11 [M4C] 962006,962007
    -RedRiderF26 [M4C] 962008
    -Dennis [M4C] 962009
    -gsxtasy [M4C] 962010,962011
    -brown 12687 [1911f] 962012
    -Tominus [1911f] 962013
    -ROCKETMAN [M4C] 962014,962015,962016,962017,962018
    -jdavis6576 [M4C] 962019,962020
    -Belloc [M4C] 962021,962022,96023
    -RocketGuy [1911f] 962024
    -Palmguy [M4C] 962025,962026
    -Timothy Burke [1911f] 962027,962028
    -Aragorn77 [M4C] 962029,962030,962031
    -Shorts [M4C] 962032
    -Armed_EW [1911f] 962033
    -Ryan [M4C] 962034,962035
    -sva01 [M4C] 962036,962037
    -PHILCAM [M4C] 962038
    -glock21xxx [M4C] 962039,962040,962324,962325
    -signal14l [M4C] 962041
    -lhawkins [M4C] 962042
    -86 slo-vo [M4C] 962043
    -351322 [M4C] 962044,962045
    -goteron [M4C] 962046,962047
    -Caduceus [M4C] 962048,962049
    -CMP [M4C] 962050,962051
    -MultiSync [1911f] 962052
    -Tracerbullet [1911f] 962053,962054,962055,962056,962057,962058,962059,962060,962061,962062
    -lt5980 [1911f] 962063,962064
    -Battlepack [M4C] 962068
    -LMLarsen [?] 962069,962070,962071
    -actionshooter38s [?] 962072
    -QuietMatt [M4C] 962073
    -Superr.stu [M4C] 962074,962075,962076 962077,962078
    -munch520 [M4C] 962079,962312,962313,962314,962315
    -lethaldose [M4C] 962080,962354
    -kwelz [M4C] 962081,962082,962083,962084
    -Steyrman13 [M4C] 962085,962327,962328
    -bluto [M4C] 962086,962340,962341
    -phirephite [M4C] 962087, 962088
    -mtdawg169 [M4C] 962089,962090,962091,962092,962093
    -JBecker72 [M4C] 962094
    -snackgunner [M4C] 962095
    -Wake27 [M4C] 962096,962097
    -RocketGuy [1911f] 962098,962099
    -Knownothing [M4C] 962100,962101
    -Headache [M4C] 962102,962103
    -Silverbullet432 [M4C] 962104,962105
    -RMiller [M4C] 962106
    -TXBK [M4C] 962107,962108,962109,962110,962111,962330,962331,962332,962333,962334,962335,962336,962337,962338,962339
    -Brown3345 [M4C] 962112,962113
    -bulbvivid [M4C] 962114,962115
    -klake575 [M4C] 962116,962117
    -RaylanGivens [1911f] 962118
    -mikeith [M4C] 962119,962120,962121,962122,962123
    -SteveL [M4C] 962124
    -TH417 [M4C] 962125
    -WilliamB [M4C] 962126
    -Dave_M [M4C] 962127, 962128
    -RobPT [M4C] 962129,962130
    -TB-AV [M4C] 962131
    -Carolina8431 [M4C] 962132,962133,962134
    -Abull [M4C] 962135,962136
    -Serpico1985 [M4C] 962137
    -GH41 [M4C] 962138
    -Cincinnatus [M4C] 962139, 962140
    -kdcgrohl [M4C] 962141
    -RHR [M4C] 962142
    -fixit69 [M4C] 962143,962144,962145,962146,962343,962344,962345,962346,962347
    -JJM [M4C] 962147,962148,962149,962150
    -bshot [M4C] 962151,962152
    -dj528 [1911f] 962153
    -tommyK42 [M4C] 962154,962155,962156
    -themonk [M4C] 962157,962158,962159
    -Bluesjam [M4C] 962160
    -DuchessX [M4C] 962161,962162
    -marZ1 [M4C] 962163,962164,962165
    -replacement [M4C] 962166,962167
    -Rick62 [M4C] 962168,962169
    -mdoan300 [M4C] 962170,962171
    -dcr5595 [M4C] 962172
    -MooseKnuckle [M4C] 962173,962174
    -US1911 [1911f] 962175,962176,962177
    -thei3ug [M4C] 962178,962179,962180
    -black22rifle [M4C] 962181,962182,962183
    -uffdaphil [M4C] 962184,962185,962186,962187,962188
    -amsdorf [M4C] 962189,962190,962191,962192,962193
    -kcara [M4C] 962194
    -AustinN4 [M4C] 962195,962196,962197,962198,962199
    -Grandpas50AE [1911f] 962200,962201
    -SpankMonkey [M4C] 962202,962203,962204
    -AdventureTimeWithBS [M4C] 962205,962206,962207
    -VaeVictis [M4C] 962208,962209,962210,962211
    -shutup&shoot [M4C] 962212
    -RioGrandeGreen [M4C] 962213
    -Kenneth [M4C] 962214,962322
    -RMeyer [M4C] 962215
    -PorkChop [M4C] 962216
    -usmcvet [M4C] 962217,962218
    -Rastoff [M4C] 962219
    -12aklabs [M4C] 962220,962221,962222,962223,962224
    -JG007 [M4C] 962225
    -ICANHITHIMMAN [M4C] 962226,962227
    -OldBrownDog [1911f] 962228
    -RIDE [M4C] 962229,962230,962231,962232
    -Brad [1911f] 962235
    -GeorgiaBoy [M4C] 962241,962242
    -el_chupo [M4C] 962245,962246,962247
    -RM06 [M4C] 962248,962249,962250,962251,962252
    -Jbwhitefeather [M4C] 962253,962254,962255,96256,962257
    -Biddaddymike [1911f] 962233,962234
    -WaJim [1911f] 962236,962237
    -verticalspark [M4C] 962238,962239
    -Slippers [M4C] 962240
    -Clem [M4C] 962243,962244
    -FCPD23 [1911f] 962263
    -Miami1911 [1911f] 962264,962265
    -HES [M4C] 962267,962268
    -Watrdawg [M4C] 962269,962270,962271,962272,962273,962319,962320
    -_Stormin_ [M4C] 962285,962286,962287,962288,962289
    -AlexV [M4C] 962258,962259
    -JTQ1911 [1911f] 962260,962261,962262
    -Punkey71 [M4C] 962266
    -Yeti [1911f] 962274,962275
    -SPDGG [M4C] 962276,962277
    -6point9 [M4C] 962278,962279
    -narco23 [M4C] 962280,962281
    -Dan93Ser [M4C] 962282,962283
    -DHIRTH [M4C] 962284
    -Ryno12 [M4C] 962290,962291
    -montanadave [M4C]962292,962293,962294,962295,962296,962297,962298,962299,962300,962301
    -Voodoo_Man [M4C] 962302,962303,962304
    -Lynxgeek [M4C] 962305,962306,962307,962308,962309
    -Evi1joe [M4C] 962310
    -THCDDM4 [M4C] 962311
    -dentron [M4C] 962316
    -Iraqgunz [M4C] 962317, 962318
    -Eurodriver [M4C] 962321
    -pi3 [M4C] 962323
    -Inkslinger [M4C] 962350,962351
    -NewCenturion [M4C] 962329
    -will_be [M4C] 962342,962343
    -RST Customer Rep [M4C] 962348
    -VIP3R237 [M4C] 962352,962353
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