As much free time as I get I dedicate it to shooting or anything related. I gave one gun buddy on the same page as me. He is a younger guy and can't always shoot how and when I want. We have a small private range that we use and have never taken anyone too. I would like to expand our group if we can find some good people to shoot responsibly with. We practices drills run n gun have barricades and clean up out shit. We also sometimes camp at this place. We're heavy into improving our skills and gear. We will not be shooting tannerite and televisions. If anyone's interested get in touch with me. We can do a lot more here than on a square range. We're in the hooksett concord area. We'll hang out and tip back some beers a couple times before we shoot more than likely. I have a post on here called a day in Nh if you want to see the range. Let me know. Btw married with 3 kids so free time isn't overly abundant.