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Thread: Todd Rassa Counter Ambush Training OR ECQB Long Gun March 2014

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    Post Todd Rassa Counter Ambush Training OR ECQB Long Gun March 2014

    Both courses held at Cawthon Cartridge Club, just S of College Station TX
    Contact Catherine, 214-422-7793 or

    Todd Rassa Bio attached.

    Counter Ambush Training (CAT) w/Todd Rassa
    $200 per student
    Duration: 1 day / 8 hours

    Whether you are a responsibly armed citizen or law enforcement, “ambush” style attacks are on the rise. This is because the method of attacking your prey while they are not expecting it or when distracted is a very effective tactic – it more often results in success than a frontal assault. Yet most of the training we receive involves learning and practicing techniques of repelling the frontal assault. Instead of a 180 degree approach to training, in this one-day school we learn to recognize our tactical vulnerabilities and blind spots in 360 degrees and minimize them. We will learn to decrease our threat recognition time and maximize the effectiveness of our response. Students will learn to:
    • Decrease threat recognition time and maximize the effectiveness of their response
    • Learn and practice empty hand, defensive knife and pistol skills in an integrated counter ambush combatives system.
    Estimated round count: 200 rounds pistol.
    Equipment Requirements:
    • Pistol or revolver
    • 3 magazines or speed loaders minimum
    • Belt mounted, dominant side concealment holster
    • Sturdy Belt at least 1.5" wide
    • Concealment garment
    • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning and clothing suitable for training in all weather conditions
    • Shooting Protection (hat with a brim, wraparound eyewear, earmuffs or earplugs)
    • Folding knife
    • Knee and elbow pads (if desired)

    Extreme CQB Long Gun with Todd Rassa
    $400 per student
    Duration: 2 days / 16 hours

    The majority of defensive shootings occur in close proximity. With the increasing numbers of law enforcement, military and responsible citizens utilizing long guns for self-defense, there is an overwhelming need for a realistic training course that exposes the student to extremely close quarters battle with long guns. Unlike other “close quarters” rifle classes, this class will truly expose the student to training that will assist them in their performance at arms reach to contact distances while deploying a long gun. This course also differs from other Basic-CQB rifle schools in that the student will not be asked to be defensive, but aggressive once the decision has been made to protect their lives or the lives of someone else. The student will be able to take the lessons learned from this program and apply them to their personal training regimen or their agency’s training doctrine. This intense two-day school is designed for the operator, responsible citizen and instructor. Topics Covered:

    • Fundamentals of CQB Long Gun
    • Long Gun Point Shooting Techniques
    • Multiple Adversaries
    • Hand-to-Hand Tactics
    • Long Gun Ground Fighting/Shooting
    • Zero Clearance/Point Contact Shooting
    • Shooting from within Confined Spaces/Building Searches
    • Force-on-Force Scenario Training (when training site allows)
    Estimated round count: 400 rounds long gun, or 300 rounds shotgun and 200 rounds handgun

    Equipment List:
    • Long gun (any defensive long gun for ex. AR, shotgun, AK, SMG) with sling and mag pouches / shell carriers
    • Semi-Auto Pistol or revolver and 3 magazines / speed loaders and pouches
    • Belt mounted, dominant side holster or duty rig
    • Sturdy Belt at least 1.5” wide
    • Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning and clothing suitable for training in all weather conditions.
    • Hat with a brim
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