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Thread: Live Free or Die

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish View Post
    vandal5 - I've been looking at the City-Data forum and using a map to look at locations thus far. From what I know right now, I would guess somewhere in the triangle of Portsmouth, Concord and Nashua. We'd like to be within an hour'ish of Boston for museums and fun city stuff for the kids, along with the brother-in-law living in Reading. The SIL lives 30 miles east of Syracuse so I'm sure we'll be doing that drive once a month or so too.

    Good schools and a nice family kind of area are very important to us, obviously. We'd like to be a little rural, but definitely not in the sticks. Maybe even just in an area with houses on a decent sized property, like an acre.

    Out of curiosity what about Derry prompted you to want to live there? What does the Concord area lack in regards to Derry or it's amenities?

    As far as land goes, I'd be happy with an acre, but a couple more would be nice as well. Nothing huge, but I'm tired of living on top of people.

    Derry used to have a good school district from 1-12 when we lived there. I even went to Pinkerton Academy which is in Derry. Just from talking to my wife who grew up in the town we now live in she said it seems like my HS was a bit better than the one she went to. Of course with expensive schools come higher taxes.

    As for Concord I live north of the city near NHMS. I like it, it's nice and quite but I am still pretty close to anything would need. The mall in Concord is not the best but Manchester is not too far away and neither are the outlets up in Tilton. You can get down to Boston pretty easily (google maps says 1hr 7 min) and there a quite a few things to do in Manchester, with the Fisher Cats and Monarchs. The ocean is not too far and neither is going up to the mountains for skiing. We mostly moved up here because it was closer to her family and when we were buying (2008ish pretty much the worst time...) we just found we were able to get more for our money a little further up north.

    If you are looking for an acre of land you should have no problem finding that as long as you are not looking down town in one of the bigger cities...

    for school districts check out:
    Might have some good info for you. You can change the search by typing in the town name and also pick which grades you want.

    There are shooting ranges around here and there so you should be able to find one. If you live out in the sticks enough you may even be able to shoot in your own back yard.

    As to your question about living/working out of state. When I lived in NH and worked out if MA I still had to pay MA income tax.

    Hope that helps

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    I was in your position about a year ago, difference being I grew up here. I had enough of CA even though I was making a lot...a damn lot. Packed up a UHaul and drove across the country and never looked back.

    Northwood is known for great schools. Residents go to Coe Brown for high school, but outsiders pay really well to get their kids in. All the local schools are fairly good. I had my girls in a daycare center in a different town that was on a farm, and every day the kids went on small hikes and took care of the animals in between their little class times. A very different culture for sure.

    You'll find really good houses for great prices, and the property taxes are something people tend to bitch about because there's not much else to bitch about. I live in a really old "city" near Portsmouth and it's pretty awesome with local history and such.

    Yeah, your idea is entirely feasible. And you'll probably never regret it. There's been rumors of the Mass lib attitude sneaking in, and in some little ways it's true. But lately, and all through my life that I can remember, there's a real sense of community being involved in local politics. All the Bloomberg proposed bullshit was killed recently, by a long shot. Not only was his bill shot down, the state went ahead and made some follow on laws to ensure the continued freedom of everything he was trying to restrict. There's a lot of Democrats, but they're the old school kind that were concerned with the actions of a government that wasn't dictated by the people. In most of NH, democrat and liberal are NOT synonymous.

    Also, I just realized there's a New England sub forum...if anyone in the area wants to shoot, really shoot, let me know!
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    Great info gents. Thank you!

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