Greetings all,

I'm looking for ideas on layers or insulation mods for combat shirts/BDU's. I'm in BDU's with a combat shirt and outer carrier for work and am trying to find a comfortable solution. The last few years I've worn long underwear and my pants (no problem there) and a couple base layers under a Condor (I know...but it worked really well and was cheap on a cop's salary) Alpha Fleece. I stayed pretty warm but I was in a more static position for my duties (tactical team-lite, warrant service, etc.). Now I'm back in K9 and go from standing in the cold watching the back door to going dynamic on an entry or a long patrol track. I've found that my 5.11 fleece jacket is warm, but doesn't breath as well as my Condor did and is sized a little bit bigger thus creating a little bit more bulk.

I heard a guy talking the other day about a "smoking jacket" mod he did in the Army with a Field Jacket liner and have been batting around the idea of a similar liner under my combat shirt (Vertx) as I have a decent amount of room in the sleeves.

I've also been looking at a windcheater-style anorak/outer layer made of nylon rather than fleece, to help eliminate some bulk and to minimize the sheer amount of dog hair getting stuck in the fleece. I have a microfleece lined soft shell, but it's too stiff and long.

-Black (if outer layer) with ability to sew on patches or velcro loop field
-Short enough to access belt line
-No/tuckable hood
-Wind liner or vent-able/breathable (I know, miracle fabric, right?)
-Affordable +/- $100 US

What mods have you done to accommodate outer carriers/PC's or what insulation layers have you found that work well for you?