Turn key upper, ready to go.

BCM 16" standard mid-length upper, 13" KMR rail
AAC Brake-out 2.0
BCM bolt, WMD NiB bolt carrier
BCM marked Troy M4 front and rear BUIS
Surefire PX2 Fury mounted in a Gear Sector light mount

Upper is a factory BCM upper. I bought the BCM upper and BCM bolt directly from BCM, and the WMD carrier separate. I haven't fired it. I installed the AAC Brakeout 2.0 with the supplied Rocksett. The Fury has a Surefire clicky cap and the Gear Sector mount is the only used component on the upper. Just not needed at the moment, need cash more.

I've got a lot of money in this upper, looking to get $825 for everything listed above.


Pics to follow.