Who: DSS - Dynamic Shooting Systems
What: Advanced Pistol and Reality Based Scenarios
When: August 21, 2014
Where: Council Bluffs, IA
Why: Problem solving with a pistol.

Instructor: Shawn Claussen, Dynamic Shooting Systems
Service as an NCO with the Marine Security Guard Battalion during the 90's, the MSGBN is responsible for US Embassy protection.
Active Police Officer with 15+ years of experience, special assignments have included Head of the Firearms Training Unit, ERU Marksman/Observer and Entry Team Member.
Guest Instructor at the 2010 International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor's Annual Training Conference in San Antonio, TX.
USPSA Production Division, Class "B"

Students: Civilian, Military.

Weather: Hot, humid.

Firearms: Glocks, Walther PPQ, HK, no problems noted.

Course overview: This was the second of three courses instructed by Shawn this year in CB and was the primary reason I wanted to bring him into the area. The course was broken down into two portions with the morning consisting of Advanced Pistol, and the afternoon consisting of Reality Based Scenarios.

During the morning portion we covered the ins and outs of running a pistol from both the two handed and one handed shooting platforms. Drills were conducted from the standing, kneeling, and ground positions with "interference" from the instructor...challenging to say the least and it personally provided another opportunity to confirm the fact that we need to practice certain skills more often.

The afternoon portion of the course consisted of Hood Drills and Reality Based Scenarios. The Hood Drills included four drills where the student's head was covered while two role players took up various positions in a room, one with a weapon, the other without. The objective of the Hood Drills was to identify threats rapidly and engage if possible. As expected, the Hood Drills were challenging and tested not only our shooting abilities, but also our threat identification abilities.

The Reality Based Scenarios included two drills, one a domestic dispute between a father and son, the other a robbery. Both scenarios took place in a simulated "stop and rob" while your hands were full of items you were trying to purchase, and both required the "good guy" to maintain control in a dynamic environment without getting sidetracked by tunnel vision and multiple threats. Also included was a post incident questioning portion by Shawn following each scenario in order to provide a Law Enforcement perspective in regards to our ability to articulate what we witnessed during each incident. Following Shawn's interview, each "bad guy" role player outlined what they saw and felt during the scenario providing additional feedback.

Another excellent and beneficial course provided by DSS! If you haven't tested your problem solving skills using force on force scenarios, do it as it provides an eye opening education into what you are may do under sympathetic nervous system activation.

Below is an overview of the topics presented AND practiced throughout the Course:

DSS Philosophy:
Principle Based vs. Scenario Based
SNS Activation and Action vs. Reaction
"Advanced" versus "Basic" Courses / Training

Realities of Deadly Force Engagements - Worst Case Scenario Planning:
FBI: In the line of Fire
Armed: Kleck and Kates

DSS Training Methodology:
4 Ms

Two / Strong / Weak Hand Marksmanship

Presentation from the Holster - Strong Hand / Weak Hand
Reloads - Two / Strong hand / Weak Hand
Malfunctions - Two / Strong Hand / Weak Hand

Forward / Backward / Right / Left / Diagonal - Two / Strong / Weak

Multiple Shots - Two / Strong / Weak
Standard versus Nonstandard Response

Reality Based Scenarios
Hood Drills - Rapid Threat Identification with single and multiple attackers
Unarmed and Armed Robbery - Single and multiple attackers
Domestic Dispute - Single and multiple attackers

V/r- Rob