The days are getting shorter and the cold weather will be here before you know it. So time to get out and challenge yourself.

Greenport Tactical Association is hosting the annual Scout/Sniper match on Sunday September 28th. Sign-ins begin at 9:00, safety meeting at 9:30, and lead flies at 10.

This match is designed to test your accuracy and teamwork. You will shoot and be scored as a team, so get your shooting partner and start working together.

Sniper will need a rifle, 30caliber or under, 3200fps or less. Optics are unrestricted. Bolt and semi-autos allowed, but both will be limited to 5 rounds in a magazine. Sniper will also need a pistol and 3 magazine, holster and mag holder.

Scout will need a carbine, 30 round limit, 2 magazines, and a mag pouch. No limit on optics

Empty chamber indicators are required for all long guns. A limited number will be available for purchase the day of the match.

Steel core, ss109, tracer, incendiary, ammo is not allowed. Lead core bullets only.

The match is designed to test your accuracy over various ranges and shooting positions.

Round count:
Sniper rifle, 50 rounds
Pistol, 100 rounds
Carbine, 200 rounds

The match is limited to 25 teams, and pre-registration is required. Please PM me to get signed up. Cost is $40 per team.