Who: Larry Vickers - Vickers Tactical
What: Carbine I with Night Fire.
When: October 12-13, 2014
Where: Council Bluffs, IA
Why: Carbine work.

Instructor: Larry Vickers - Vickers Tactical
Retired operational member and combat veteran of SFOD - Delta with 20+ years of military service, all of which were spent in Special Operations.
Years of experience in the firearms industry as a Firearms Instructor and Consultant.
1911 Pistolsmith and member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild.

Students: Active, Former, Retired LE and MIL, and Civilians. While most of the students were local to Iowa and Nebraska, we also had students drive in from South Dakota, Illinois, and Kansas.

Firearms Present: A mix of AR's with many brands represented. RDS optics included Aimpoint and Eotechs with a few magnifiers attached, and one S&B Short Dot present. Lights present included Surefire and Streamlight. Pistols included Glocks, 1911's, a Walther PPQ, and a Beretta 92. Nothing significant to report as far as malfunctions or problems go, we did have a few issues related to ammunition which were solved by changing brands.

Weather: Temps ranging from the 50's into the 70's with rain soaking us the entire day of TD2...seems to rain at every Course where we bring an outside Instructor in!

Course Overview: This was a Level I Carbine course, students were expected to show to the course with a zeroed rifle and an understanding of their rifle, the fundamentals, and safety.

The Course was started off with a Range and Safety Brief, Expectations for the Course, and an Overview of the Course details. Over the next two days we discussed and worked on a variety of topics to include AR selection and set up, Accessory selection and set up, Optic selection and set up, Accuracy, Working at a variety of distances, Presentation, Shooting positions, Reloads, Malfunctions, Switching shoulders, Transitions, Working around vehicles, Ballistic considerations around vehicles, and Movement.

During the Night Fire portion of class we discussed and worked on several of the topics from the day light portions to include AR and Accessory selection and set up, Presentation, and Transitions. We also covered the Selection, Set up, and Usage of white lights with Carbines and Pistols, Using sights, Iron Sights versus RDS, Night Sights on Carbines and Pistols, Target Identification, and Movement, Ballistic considerations at night in regards to muzzle flash.

Individual and Team drills incorporating the techniques/skills covered in class were worked in throughout the two days allowing us to test what we learned with a little self and team imposed pressure...as expected, a little stress goes a long ways when trying to focus on little details!

This was my third Carbine Course with Larry, the second of which included a Night Fire portion. While I had an idea of what to expect as far as content, Larry didn't disappoint in the area of delivery; funny, honest, to the point, with solid, well supported material. He also shed light on several things I had questions on, and provided a few twists to things I have heard in the past! I truly believe that you really benefit from a course when you attend it twice, as this allows you to discover hidden gems lurking in the shadows and pick up items you may have missed during the first inning...this one met my expectations to say the least!

V/r - Rob