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Thread: lite rail II barrel nut compatible with omega X rail?

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    cpoth Guest

    lite rail II barrel nut compatible with omega X rail?

    I've been looking up pictures and threads on here all morning but haven't found and answer. I currently have a 14.5" barrel w pinned flash hider and an A2 front sight post. I have Daniel defense barrel nut for the RIS/lite rail system installed. It seems, at this point, that I may be able to install an Omega x rail 12" FSP without having to sacrifice the flashider and have another one repinned. Can you confirm?

    Thanks for any help.

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    cpoth Guest
    I currently have a call in to Daniel Defense regarding this question. In the meantime I researched online as best as possible and though I am not able to validate this source personally it does indicate that the barrel nuts are the same should anyone else come across a similar question.

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    cpoth Guest
    Wasn't able to get a solid answer. Rail arrived, barrel nuts are exactly the same. Installed in 5 minutes.



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