For years, has had a General Discussion sub-forum, where members could discuss topics not related to the primary mission of the website. Members often post topics that are humorous, thought-provoking, or related to personal accomplishments.

For the same amount of time, there have been a small number of people who engage in behaviors that are incompatible with both the M4C mission statement, and the behavior expected of all members. This has being addressed as follows:

The M4C Mission statement may be found here, along with the behavior expected of all members:

One of our most highly-regarded members put his thoughts into words, regarding how members could and should interact here. Army Chief (Chuck Petrie) was a Senior Staff member, site Administrator, and a thought leader here. Sadly, he was taken from us a year ago by terminal cancer.

Chuck put his thoughts down in a pair of posts about behavior in GD, which should be considered policy as well.

“The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: An M4C Style Guide”

“Civility: aka the We will Crush your Balls edict”

This was recommended reading for all new members here. As our membership has swelled, we have also seen a disturbing increase in inappropriate behavior. To bring a stop to this, we will enforce the board policies by removing specific user’s access to General Discussion. When member creates threads that are frankly not related to the mission statement, and/or posts in an argumentative fashion, then the staff will remove that person’ ability to post in General Discussion, or any other sub-forum as determined necessary.

Posting on is a privilege that comes with responsibilities. Failure to heed repeated warnings and/or infractions will result in a loss of privileges or loss of membership. Bickering, arguing and personal attacks have no place here. They never have. Such behavior drives away fruitful discussion, and free exchange of professional knowledge.

This is aimed at a very small number of people who engage in behavior to the detriment of the entire site. Fighting in GD has a tendency to spill out into other areas of the board, impacting others.

If you fall into this category, you would be wise to heed the warning you have been given, and perform some self-examination. If you do not, your participation here will likely come to an end.

Thank you.