One-day classes. First two, open enrollment at Centermass in Livonia, just outside of Detroit:

Then, one that is LE-only in Bridgeport, West Virginia:

I always like this better as a two-day class, no getting around it you learn more, but it's more than twice as hard for guys to take the time to do two days, not to mention the money side. We cover everything that matters in one day, just fewer reps on takedown and re-assemble. I almost always wind up staying an hour or two after class, discussing anything and everything further, for those that have the time and desire. Everyone that needs it gets the use of my MOACKS, gage and reamer, so-- when you come to this class you don't need to buy the stuff, use it for free.

Everyone gets a copy of Patrick Sweeney's Gunsmithing the AR15; we don't use the book or follow it in class but it's a good reference to have as nobody is going to memorize everything we talk about.

These three classes are under the auspices of CenterMass Inc., hosts of the annual National Patrol Rifle Conference, an awesome event for LE with knowledge to share or gain regarding the patrol rifle. Their location in Livonia is awesome with indoor ranges, retail, conference / classroom..... run by, let me just put it this way, "people who know".

Standard infoblurb:

AR15 Armorer class with Ned Christiansen
This class will demystify every aspect of the Stoner system as embodied in the AR15 / M16 series. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the fire control group, gas system, and bolt group through pictures, animations, high speed video, and cutaways. Each student will disassemble and reassemble his/her own rifle several times. Discussion will cover maintenance, preventative measures, and repair of certain areas more prone to failure as well as areas that fail less regularly. Barrel change and buffer tube/receiver extension removal will also be demonstrated and discussed. Several quality and design aspects that many manufacturers continue to inadequately address, causing serious problems for the end user, will also be covered. Lube, accessories, and ammo selection will be touched upon.

No time will be spent on things like memorizing model numbers and nomenclature, or disassembling rear sights—only the aspects critical to keeping the gun safe, reliable, durable, and in the fight are covered.

Students absolutely must have eye protection and should bring a flat-bladed screw driver and a small bottle of lube. Students will be provided a 3/16 Allen wrench, a hand punch disassembly tool of Ned’s design, and a copy of Patrick Sweeney’s book, Gunsmithing the AR15. Ned's proprietary tools will be available to fine-tune students' rifles during class.