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Thread: Favorite Drills

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    Favorite Drills

    I'd like to know what drills some here may do between classes, or would recommend for those like me who can't get away to take a class for a while yet.
    Pistol and carbine drills would be appreciated,

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    I'm guessing you can get to the range?

    If so, reflect on the previous classes and repeat those drills. I know you may some limitations such as not having steel or movers, etc. But the basic drills remain the same.

    You can make or buy targets to do the 3" dot drills, work on the ready positions, single shot then progress to multiple shots/targets. Go to larger dots/distance, etc to do the same and work on sight management, malfunction drills, reloads, draw, etc.

    Remember, accuracy first, then speed will come. Start off slower then incorporate speed, slow it down, clean it up then speed it back up if making mistakes, ID your problem areas and work on them.

    Set up realistic goals and drills to reach them-don't get caught up into competition vs reality, use gear as it was designed, don't cheat yourself. Also, don't always shoot the same number of rounds--like 2 on a drill-be somewhat inconsistent with that.

    Hopefully it helps!


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    Here is a list of about 50 handgun drills from Most of them are credited to "name" shooters. Something to think about anyway.

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    This is one of my favorites.

    It's only fifty rounds, so it's quick. I usually hit this drill when I'm pressed for time and still trying to fit in a quality range trip.

    I got it from Personal Defense Training.

    Dot Torture Marksmanship Drill

    This is a marksmanship drill, fired at 3 yards or further. Targets are ten 2" dots numbered. A total of 50 rounds is needed. You will perform: 22 draws and holster, depending on magazine capacity 5-10 administrative or speed reloads, obtain 83 sight pictures and press the trigger 50 times.

    Dot #1- Draw and fire one string of 5 rounds for best group. One hole if possible, total 5 rounds.
    Dot #2- Draw and fire 1 shot, holster and repeat X4, total 5 rounds.
    Dot #3 and 4- Draw and fire 1 shot on #3, then 1 shot on 4, holster and repeat X4, total 8 rounds.
    Dot #5- Draw and fire string of 5 rounds, strong hand only, total 5 rounds.
    Dot #6 and 7- Draw and fire 2 shots on #6, then 2 on #7, holster, repeat X4, total 16 rounds.
    Dot #8- From ready or retention, fire five shots, weak hand only, total 5 rounds.
    Dot #9 and 10- Draw and fire 1 shots on #9, speed reload, fire 1 shots on #10, holster and repeat X3, total 6 rounds.

    When you can do this clean on demand, extend the length or start timing and work on speed but maintaining accuracy. If a single shot is missed, you flunk. Only hits count and only perfect practice makes perfect.

    Downloadable target:

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    Some guys go as far as keeping a log book of what they are doing and the times they do it in. The basic skill sets to run and hit with the gun are always something I work on. I usually work on two to three sets per training session. What are skill sets? Those seemingly simple things you were initially taught when you went to your first school. These are divided into two catagories, markmanship and weapons handling. I may go to the range and focus on one shot holster drills starting at three and going out to 50. This may include a few dummy rounds (which forces me to do immediate action drills as well) From there, I may do some positional shooting with a focus on markmanship as well. No real speed, just smoothness and accuracy. Another training may include the various reloads with a timer. This may include 1 shot, reload 1 shot drills or 2 2 and 2 drills. (two shots stress load, two shots etc.) This can be done on smaller steel or even paper.
    A good warm up a buddy taught me is 5 rounds from the holster on an 8 inch plate/circle at 7 yards at speed using both hands. Same drill except with my primary hand only from the holster. Transfer the weapon to the left hand and shoot two handed for five rounds (DON"T MISS) then shoot five rounds with the support hand only. The support side shooting is all from the ready, not the holster. This is my baseline everytime I go out. Go with a buddy who wants to seriously improve as opposed to shoot cans. Competition is always healthy. You tell him a drill, then let him run the next one. Keep it realistic without loosing sight what you're trying to do. Its fun and you'll improve at a higher rate. Have fun and be safe

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    Hobbes, heres my basic drills to keep me up with the training is down.

    I try to do 15-20minutes of dry practice a day or at least 3 times a week if im busy.

    People always ask what the secret or tricks of the trade to speed and accuracy are... well I think most of us know by now that there are no tricks, its all mastering and hoaning the basic fundamentals. Shooters and instructors also get carried away with all the high speed shooting out there which is great but even the best masterclass shooters out there can never forget about the basics. there will always be high speed tactical shooting couses, compititions, combat, ect... but the real deal is what you do on your own, and if you dont, when the shit hits the fan one day you will hesitate at the molment of truth.

    So I start with breaking down all the fundamentals...


    1: set up stance, Modern Isolesles. Nice and tight I shoot on the range as if I were in an actual firefight to keep my combat mindset in the game and to mimic a stressful enviornment. I am tensed and flexed up the whole time to simulate what is going to happen to me in a real fight...adrenaline, hormones, loss of all dexterity ect...
    Stay in this stance through out the whole dryfire, it sucks but its worth it, and its a good workout. you should be smoked even after 20mins of dry fire like this.
    -weight on the balls of the feet.
    -slight comfortable bend in the knees
    -bent forward at the waist
    -shoulders rolled forward (pistol)
    -set tension in the wrists and elbows ..not locked out but tight (pistol) elbows tucked in (rifle)

    2: I break down the Draw. startingin the ready position I transistion to the pistol and break the bail (Safariland 6004, per your holster SOP) and aquire master grip and STOP.
    ***then I repeat this around 25-50 times. consentrating on minimizing the little movements and perfecting just this step.

    3: Starting at the "3rd eye postion weapon in front of the chest (strong hand only) with my weak hand only about 10in away fro the gun. I bring the hands together to aquire the master grip on the gun and then STOP. (I use the Leatham/Enos grip with a modified CRUSH grip to simulate high stress shooting.) I do this little drill about 50 times since its the base of the following fundamentals. Consentrate on minimizing the little movements and perfecting just this step.

    4: From there I continue to do the drill above but now put the next step in: punch out on target aquiring slight alingment/sight picture and STOP
    I do this drill about 50 times on an actual target/ with T-shirt on for realistic purposes. Then I do it on a target with small Paisties to concentrate more on the sights and trigger pull which comes next. Consentrating on minimizing the little movements and perfecting just this step.

    5: From the 3rd eye position do the drill above and then concentrate on isolating the trigger and squeezing, (utilizing the trigger on target theory)
    since the only thing that is moving at this point is your trigger, think about using the pull to line up the sights (micro movemnets at this point). this is used in mostly bullseye and 25 yd pistol shooting but this really makes me think about trigger control. Dry fire this until you get sick of it.

    6: Once you feel comfortable with these 5 steps, now put it all together, and keep it clean and concentrate on each fundamental but keeping it smooth and minimise all the little unessisary movments.

    7: Strong hand only (all fundamentals)

    8: Weak hand only (all fundamentals)

    7: Once I'm through my basic funds practice I move into multiple target sight aquisition drill and moving drills responding left/right/back. Then shooting around corners under couches beds ect...

    8: Then I go into speed reloads and tac-reloads while dry-firing on the targets.

    9: Now I go into Malfunctions, type 1- type 4, I leave imeadiate and remedial action for the rifle. I do these malfunction drills master grip, strong only and weak only...this is something shooters and intructors neglect to do or teach.


    -Same thing as the pistol really... minus the draw...
    -I consentrate on sight aquisition speed and utilizing multiple targets.
    -strong and weak
    -malfunctions,...simulate firing then immeadiate action, then remeadial action. ***this drill is for targets over 50yrds only otherwise transition.

    When I hit the range I do all the above to warm up and then move into all the high speed practical shooting.
    here is a Qual course I use to stay proficient on:



    25- Pair Standing / Pair Kneeling 1/ 4/ 6
    15- Pair Standing / Pair Kneeling 1/ 4/ 5.5
    10- Pair /Speed Reload / Pair 1/ 4/ 5
    10 to 3- Pair /Speed Reload / Pair 1/ 4/ 5
    10 to 3- Failure Drill 1/ 3/ 4.5
    7- Pair Strong Hand Only 1/ 2/ 2
    7- Pair Weak Hand, weak hand draw 1/ 2/ 5
    7- Pair/ Speed Reload /
    Minimum Target Exposure Shot 1/ 3/ 4

    SCORE 24 TORSO, 2 BRAIN (52 Points Total), Re-Face Targets.

    15- Pair on 1st Target /
    Speed Reload / Pair on 2nd Target 1/ 4/ 5
    10 to 3- Pair on 1st Target / Speed Reload /
    Pair on 2nd Target 1/ 4/ 5.5
    10 to 3- Pair on Both Targets /Speed Reload /
    Minimum Target Exposure Shot on Each 1/ 6/ 6.5
    7 to 3- Pair on Both Targets / Speed Reload /
    Pair on Both Targets 1/ 8/ 6.5
    7- Minimum Target Exposure Shot on each
    target 1/ 2/ 4

    SCORE 20 TORSO, 4 BRAIN (48 Points Total).

    TOTAL 50

    NOTES (1) All drills start from the low ready with the M-4.
    (2) Tactical/Speed reload as necessary.
    (3) Clear any type 1,2 or 3 malfunction on the move.
    (4) If you have a Type 3 malfunction, continue to move until you
    reach your point of domination. Clear the malfunction from a
    knee but do not engage.
    (5) Always know the condition of your weapon.
    (6) If you run dry, you loose those points.
    (7) Highest score possible is 100 points.
    (8) Complete CQB / Assault gear will be worn at all times.
    (9) Totals are per man.
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    FWIW - try to train with a partner -- if it is not possible then try to video yourself (good to do anyway) as you will notice (or your partner will) things in the video that you may not be doing correctly.

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    very good point Kev, Video is a great training tool...
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    On Kevin and Travis' thoughts...

    Share the video or mix up partners, if two guys are doing something wrong it seems to solidify faster than one person doing it alone -- the "adult learner" folks we have on staff tell us it is because when you are training alone, there is (almost) always a question in your mind if you are doing it right, but if you have another person there assuring you that you are doing something right, it sets faster.

    Oh, and if you are doing live fire drills with a suppressed weapon in your home, make sure that your "traps" will stop the round you are shooting, otherwise you can shoot through a wall at the end of a hallway and through many, many rows of your wife's clothes hanging in the closet on the other side of said wall -- don't ask, just take for action

    Actually... skip the live fire stuff in your domicile, bad idea from the get-go.
    I put the "Amateur" in Amateur Radio...

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    I think the most benefit I've seen from a single drill is the basic rythym drill. Also called the Bill Drill. Put the target at 21 feet and fire 6 shots.

    Start with 1 shot per second. Count off out loud "a thousand and 1, a thousand and 2..." pulling the trigger on each number, regardless of whether or not your sights are one the bullseye (they need to be on target, gotta be safe). Do that until you're putting all 6 in the bullseye and then speed up to 6 shots in 3 seconds. "and 1 and 2 and..." again with a shot on each number. When you're getting all your hits in the bulls eye speed it up to "1, 2, 3..." and keep increasing the rate until you're firing all six shots as fast as you can pull the trigger and still be accurate. Obvisouly you can mix it up by shooting it at different ranges, too.

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