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Thread: Defensive Handgun and Carbine 101 - JF Arms Company

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    Defensive Handgun and Carbine 101 - JF Arms Company

    I will be hosting my first classes for my company in May 23 and 24 of 2015. Minimum to hold the course is 6 shooters and maximum is 12.

    I'm not some combat special forces SEAL Delta operator, nor am I a LEO SWAT Sniper Tank driver. I'm a Medic for my local EMS Service, a Gun Shop Owner and 3 Gun Competitor with 5+ years of competitive experience. I've also completed numerous training courses, including Carbine Elements Theory 1 (CET1) from Costa Ludus, D3 Carbine and D5 Handgun from Haley Strategic and will be completing D5 Carbine and D3 Handgun Vehicle/Darkness from Haley Strategic this May and I would like to pass along the things I have learn both from the training courses and from competition that tie into the real world.

    I also have other instructors who are current LEO (White Co SWAT and Carroll Co K9) who will if need be assisting me with classes. If I reach the maximum number of students I will have one or both of those instructors with me at the class to better help be closer to 1 on 1 instruction.

    Part of the courses I will be teaching in is how to deal with the emotional stress of just potentially taking another life. Helping people with Emotional Stress is part of our job as Medics.

    The courses will be laid out in 12hr 1 day classes geared more for the beginner to intermediate shooter. People who have either never taken a formal training course and would like a basis on where to start with or the shooter who has taken courses but just wants a refresher or maybe learn some new tips and tricks to help them in their own training regime they already do while at the range.

    More information can be found at here on my website - Training

    Courses are $150 each or if you register for both you get a $50 discount.

    I will also be at the majority of the Indiana Multigun Series events this year. The first couple of classes will be hosted on my own private range, so both you and I can get a comfortable feel for how things will flow. After that I will be hosting them at Hillside Shooting Sports and their beautiful Classroom and Range in Roanoke, Indiana.
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