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Thread: Back up irons or not? Opinion and why...

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    Back up irons or not? Opinion and why...

    Saw it on another forum and thought it might be interesting to learn what yall think.
    Even if you use a optic on your ar do you also have Irons?
    Me I learned in the Army to use irons so I mounted a carry handle on mine and have a pic rail that mounts on that if I want longer more accurate shooting..
    I like the way it mounts also because even with the glass on I can still use my iron.
    What's yall say?

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    1. Welcome to M4C.
    2. Wrong area for this post. AR General Discussions would be better.
    3. Attempt to use some correct sentence structure and grammar if you want to be taken seriously.
    4. Using the search feature will reveal several discussions of this exact nature. Some are fairly recent.

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