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Thread: Grip Angle - Magpul MOE+ vs K2+ and One Handed Operation

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    Grip Angle - Magpul MOE+ vs K2+ and One Handed Operation

    I love the idea of lower grip angles but I found that with a K2+ it is appreciably harder to shoulder my AR's one handed.

    With the MOE+ the angle and larger contact with the bottom of my palm create a better support base to hold up a long heavy stick...

    Has anyone noticed this? Do you find the larger BCM Gunfighters help with this?



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    I had a BCM Gunfighter Mod 1 that I got rid of for pretty much this reason. It wasn't so much the angle as much as the size of the grip, or lack there of, that made it harder for me to grasp when running it one handed when compared to my MIADs that I was running on my other guns. I have a Mod 3 now and the larger size is much easier to work with when firing one handed so it will stay.
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    Grips are like gloves- I get what fits my hand
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    I hate the more vertical grip angles. I need the grip to be further back so the entire weight of the rifle doesn't rest on my middle finger when doing one handed operations. I use a MAID for this reason on my rifles.
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    It's a trade-off.

    The MOE and most other more angled grips do offer better one-handed control, but it's not as though it's impossible to manipulate one-handed with a more vertical grip. What wears on me more is using the rifle for extended amounts of time with an MOE, A2, or any other grip like that. My wrist hates it.

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    I love my k2+ grips, basically the perfect AR grip in my mind, I don't care much for the MOE angle and despise A2 grips.


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