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Thread: New member with new old Colt

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3ky View Post
    Lol that's good I'll take em with the sear block. Keeps them cheap but will shoot as well as one without. Friend told me the best shooting Colt AR were made during the ban. Said the shoot better without the flashider and you can get them cheap because no one wants them.

    Not 100% true. the best ones were pre-1980 because Colt gave the public the middle finger and basically put all its energy into Military contracts (went bankrupt). I have a bad taste in my mouth when my colt python went from $375 in 1977 to $1000 in 1981 when I went to go buy another one and then colt introduced the model 80 1911 which left a worst taste in my mouth. And when I thought the AR's were still safe, dead wrong, they chopped up lowers with sear blocks gave bigger trigger pins, mismatched upper lowers (color) removed the Bayonet lug, went to a compensator to be "legal" and then removed the flash hider all together. I bought a Colt Delta HBAR in 1987 and it didn't cycle right/ could never fire a 30 round mag without issues and the upper was almost a black modern anodized and the lower a Sky blue with a hint of gray Classic Colt SporterII color beside the big blemish on the left side of the mag well which looked like a joe at colt slept on the lower right after they coated it. And my 76's SP1 shot tighter groups than that Delta HBAR. And I was sold on that the heavy barrel was more accurate. I hated the round hand guards with the A2 grip along with the extra length on the A2 butt plate I only put 1000 rounds through the rifle unlike my SP1. In 1995 I sold it for $9000 to a guy at a gun show who was looking for an "Assault" rifle and I was the only guy with a pre-ban rifle/ only guy with a AR-15. I also cashed in on 6 of my AK's, had a 700% profit on them. But the post 1980 Colt are not the best built/ made/ accurate/ and reliable in my opinion and 1/8 of what I own is colt, 99% pre 1980.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassIIIGunsmith View Post
    Not 100% true. the best ones were pre-1980 because Colt gave the public the middle finger and basically put all its energy into Military contracts (went bankrupt).
    Kinda what I was thinking. From what I had seen in person with Colt products(an LE only carbine around 2000 that had the ejection port cover only able to open half way along with similar stuff) and stories about Colt shipping revolvers with smooth bore barrels and other issues come to mind. When I first started reading reviews about Colt being closest to mil-spec, I thought the Colt fans had totally went nuts before finding out Colt had gotten desperate for cash and had to attempt to appeal to the segment of society it seems to hold in contempt just to make ends meet.

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