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Thread: How to start shooting competitively?

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    I started out shooting a steel challenge match and loved it. No movement involved so less the think about my first time out. Find a local, small match and you'll be surprised at how helpful folks can be to get you started and coming back. We have many first timers when I shot and folks were SUPER accommodating to newbies going slow and offering help. We had folks loading mags for those who only had the 2 that came with the gun. We had revolver shooter me trying to shoot stages with 10 targets and nobody gave a flip that hue stopped half way and reloaded. It was surprisingly easy to get started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulbvivid View Post
    As long as you can safely draw and handle a gun, there's no need to just go watch. Take your gear and shoot the match, otherwise you will end up wishing you had taken your gear so you could shoot the match.
    This is absolutely true. The culture is to get everyone shooting rather than hanging around. In all likelihood they'll let you shoot even though you might not have an optimal number of mags/mag pouches etc. You'll learn what you need by watching and talking to others.

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    Find a local IDPA or USPSA match, pack the 9/40/45 you shoot best, at least 3-4 mags, holster, 2 mag pouches, 200rds of ammo, snacks, drinks and range safety gear.
    Help pasting, learn to score targets, report back with success.

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    Jaysop, you ever get out to a match?
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    I just started a couple of months ago.

    I have done GSSF and IDPA style shooting so far.

    I had planned 3 gun until I realized it was 5 hours away. I bought all the holsters, carriers, and things for it, but I don’t like to drive.

    So I I’ll stick to local matches.

    The basic thing I have are a gun belt, holster, mag pouches, a magazine reloader, and lots of ammo. I buy in bulk to keep costs down.

    When I practice, I use a shot timer, and I have my own backyard range with 5 IDPA target stands, a Dueling tree x 2, IDPA Swinger stand, rubber dummy and two plate racks (4” and 6” gongs). Plus 2 Arntzen stands (2/3 IDPA and 12 inch plate).

    Practice with a timer helps a lot. I also score my targets as they do in competition.

    I have always shot with either hand so doing so in competition doesn’t bother me.

    I’m still working on reloading magazines, but I’m more comfortable shooting while others watch. I just focus on my front sight for the most part.

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    I know this thread is old, but in case someone else stumbles across it:

    To find matches: check out a website called “practiscore”. You can search matches by area or type. It even has a map.

    You can also check with local ranges. There are some indoor ranges in my area that offer non-sanctioned matches twice a month. These are very beginner friendly matches.

    Look into Steel Challenge. Its probably the best format for getting started, and meeting other competitors.

    Google some videos of match etiquette/procedures/safety/commands. Knowing what to expect of range commands and the procedures of a type of match will make your first match go smoothly. Safety is most important. You won’t be kicking any butts your first match, so just have fun an be safe.

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