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Thread: Magpul Long Range Precision 1 - AAR

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    Magpul Long Range Precision 1 - AAR

    Magpul Core – Long Range Precision I
    August 29 – September 1, 2015
    Yakima, WA

    Caylen Wojcik is Magpul’s Director of Training and a former USMC Scout/Sniper and Scout/Sniper instructor. Caylen uses his experience in combat to teach real-world actualities of deploying a rifle effectively, whether it be it competition or tactical. From the get-go you can discern that Caylen is passionate about what he teaches, he has no arrogance or a need for “ego-stroke” he is intent on helping you learn the fundamentals of marksmanship.

    Rudy – Assistant Instructor – Former Marine and Army Sniper (I think he’s conflicted)

    This course was four days and covered the basics of precision rifle from 100-1285+ yards.

    My Gear
    LaRue Predatar .308
    16" Barrel
    Nightforce F1 3.5-15X w/Mildot Reticle
    Magpul MS4 Sling
    Harris Bipod
    TAB Gear Rear Bag
    Eberlestock G2

    175 Grain Federal Sierra Match King

    My goals for the course:
    • Build upon the fundamentals of marksmanship
    • Close the gaps in my knowledge base
    • Making wind calls!
    • Learn a LOT!


    The range is in Central Yakima – a generally desert region and is of sagebrush with large rolling hills.

    There were fifteen shooters, including myself, and two instructors. Caylen and Rudy were there for every day of the 4 days.

    We went over a basic briefing of the course and received a data books and DOPE Cards full of information and logging pages.

    Next, we went over the rifles, scopes, stocks, etc. that were present. This gave everyone a chance to see different hardware. There was a wide variety of bolt actions, gas guns, scopes, etc…from the Mil to MOA reticles, it was a very diverse group of shooters. Everyone was shooting a .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. Unlike military or law enforcement training where all of the shooters have the same issued equipment, each shooter in this course has a unique weapon system.

    When it comes to training or being deployed in real-life, you do so in the roughest conditions. Caylen & Rudy have the same mindset. At this point, we were told to head to the 100yd line and zero our rifles. The winds had been blowing a good 30-40mph all morning! Here we went over the basics of firing positions, breathing, etc. We started off in the prone position, but Caylen was careful to caveat the fact that it’s not the most realistic shooting position that WE shooters face in the real world, be it competition, hunting, or tactical.

    This four-day class consisted of a short period of classroom instruction (see below), zeroing at 100 yards, a few accuracy drills at 100 yards, range estimation, unknown distance engagements on steel targets, known distance engagements on steel to 1300 yards, and unconventional position training.


    Shooting a precision rifle is a lot different than firing a carbine. Duh, right? The little things make a huge difference. We learned to not strangle the pistol grip. In fact, Caylen had us lightly hold the grip with just three fingers, without even wrapping our thumb around it and BOOM what a world of difference.
    Caylen moves students through the fundamentals in the first two days, and the second afternoon and third day are all about shooting from obstacles and field-supported devices. With the ballistics information in hand and the optics manipulation practiced, shooting from obstacles becomes the focus of the training. All the while stressing Natural Point of Aim and Fundamentals of Marksmanship.

    The range was on private property about 30 miles outside Yakima near Sunnyside, Washington. The facility was excellent with several ranges, and wide open space. The wind was up the entire time and this made for a great training environment.

    • Magpul Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards
    • Magpul Precision Rifle Data Book
    • Class syllabus

    Classroom topics covered:
    • Circle of components
    • Body position
    • Natural point of aim! Natural Point of Aim!
    • Trigger control and follow-through
    • External ballistics
    • Wind, wind and more wind.
    • Bullet Coefficient
    o G1
    o G7
    o Spin rate
    o Center of gravity
    o Center of pressure
    o Much, much more
    • Environment
    o Temperature

    • Applied Ballistics

    • Angles of measurement
    o MOA
    o Mil-Radian
    • Rifle cleaning and maintenance
    • Pre/post check lists
    • Range estimation
    • Wind Formulas
    • Danger Space

    Range Sessions included:
    • Safety briefing
    • Natural Point of Aim
    o Rifle fit
    o Adjusted position of optics
    • Alternate position shooting introduction and practice
    Unsupported standing, Supported standing, Kneeling, Sitting, Tripods, Sling use

    The pace was excellent, and the information was organized in a building block format. Caylen adheres to the crawl, walk, run philosophy of teaching and it really shows over the 4 days. The wealth of knowledge transfer was amazing.

    The demographic for this class consisted of all age groups, from across the country. We had people travel as far as Massachusetts, Florida, Alaska, etc…

    I think all of us left the course with a better understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship but more importantly a yearning to learn the tricks of the trade that IS long distance shooting. What I gained was an outstanding education from Caylen and Rudy! I think it’s important to caveat that there is no substitute for real-world training. Anyone can buy a gun, anyone can watch a video online, but it is no substitute for field work!
    The instructors were great! Caylen was sick for the whole class, but continued to keep a good attitude. Both Caylen and Rudy were very approachable. I have attended other firearms classes, either through work or for fun, where the instructors weren’t as humble and had a superiority complex.

    My biggest advice to everyone is to - Keep an open mind and you’ll learn a LOT!

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    Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review.

    This class is on my short list, I am working to gather the needed gear. I'm researching tripods and spotting scopes. Based on your time with the instructors and other shooters, are there some ideas you can share?

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    Thank's for the in-depth review, it's appreciated! Ended up being a sinus infection, which wasn't fun at all. You guys were a pleasure to have in class, and I'll look forward to seeing you again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review.

    This class is on my short list, I am working to gather the needed gear. I'm researching tripods and spotting scopes. Based on your time with the instructors and other shooters, are there some ideas you can share?
    I've taken several classes from Caylen including LR1.

    For LR1 having your own spotting scope, tripod, kestrel, or laser ranger isn't necessary. If you have them, bring them so you can learn how to run them but Caylen will make sure you have what you need to get the most out of your weapon system.

    Most important thing is to have a 1MOA or better gun that has the adjustability to fit you and a decent optic. Most of LR1 is off of bipod & rear bag, with some barricade shooting. I know Caylen takes this course on the road sometimes, but the Yakima range is really awesome to shoot at.

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    Great review. I took his SPR/Designated marksman class up there a couple years ago. Walked away with a TON of great info!


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