King 33 Training will be running our next Responsible Carry seminar on Saturday 1/30/16 from 9-11:30am at the King 33 Training Campus in Southington, CT.

The Responsible Carry seminar is designed to provide law-abiding citizens, who choose to carry a firearm for personal defense, with an overview of the fundamentals of firearms safety; a basic understanding of CT gun and self-defense laws; legal duties/obligations of the armed citizen; how to interact with LE (such as during a consensual encounter or traffic stop, and after a use of force incident); different methods of carry; and considerations in the selection of carry handguns, holsters, and other gear/accessories.

This is a fantastic informational seminar for all, but especially for those considering carrying a firearm as part of their lifestyle - whether they've recently obtained their permit or have had their permit for years, but have never really carried on a regular basis and would like to start doing so.

Topics covered:

Firearm selection considerations
Equipment/gear considerations
Methods of carry
Duties/Obligations while carrying
Overview of CT firearms laws
Storage/transportation of firearms
Use of Force
Interactions with Law Enforcement (both consensual and after a use of force)
Mindset/Situational Awareness
Medical considerations

This seminar will run about 2 1/2 hours long with plenty of opportunity for questions. All you'll need is a notepad, pen, and good attitude. There are no prerequisites and the cost is $100.

Register here -!prod...ponsible-carry

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