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Thread: Training near Chattanooga, TN - ZirkOps

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    Training near Chattanooga, TN - ZirkOps

    Just wanted to give a shout out to ZirkOps ( in Chattanooga, TN. A couple of the guys at work contacted them about a private session for their handgun courses and I was able to tag along. Since I didn't get my permit through them they wanted to either have me come by for a quick private run down or have me take the beginner's class. My wife and I decided to do the beginner's class together. She's not a gun person but recognizes the need to know how to use one.

    My wife really enjoyed the intro class. Ron Zirk did an amazing job holding everyone's attention and relaying all the necessary info. I have been a shooter all my life and I still took a few nuggets away from the intro class. My wife is considering going back with some of her friends for their women's classes taught by Ms Tammy. They have a whole selection of Xtreme Diva classes and a women locked and loaded club with I think weekly meetings.

    On to the Intermediate Pistol class, in this class we practiced drawing and firing along with a lot of reloading and shooting from various positions:
    -laying down on our back, stomach and each side
    -In a chair simulating driving, shooting toward the front and on each side
    -One knee
    -One handed and off hand
    -Around obstacles
    -Engaging multiple targets

    I just finished the Advanced Pistol class this past Tuesday, it built on everything we did in the intermediate but with low light and pitch black. Lots of flash light work. I used both my rail light and my flash light. Using a flash light made reloading interesting but I learned a whole lot and got to test a lot of my gear. I found out I absolutely hated my kydex holster that was made to fit my rail light. I ditched my rail light half way through the class so I could go back to my other holster.

    Next week we are taking the Tactical Pistol class. I'm really looking forward to it because we are going to be doing everything already listed but adding even more movement and shooting while on the move.

    My shooting group and I are already talking about continuing and doing their series for rifles as well as the shotguns. We are also trying to be his ginny pigs to do anything else he can think to put us

    I'm not affiliated with them at all but I have been real impressed with what I've learned. The whole staff is top notch. Ron is a local police officer that trains all the new recruits. He's got a long list of "I love me" They have a retired FBI sniper instructor that taught us Intro to Long Range rifles a few weeks ago. He entertained us for 2 hours extra after the class ended just telling stories of his life and career. And Tammy has all things geared to the ladies down like a champ. One of the females in the long range rifle class raved about their locked and loaded women's thing.

    If you are close I'd recommend them for sure! The only negative thing I could remotely say is that he's made just standing and shooting at the range way too boring now...hahaha

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    I was going to start a new thread but instead decided to just piggyback on the OP's. What HMM has said is it- if you are in the Chattanooga area then ZirkOps is the place to go for great, quality training. I recently completed the advanced handgun course and it, just like the others, is well worth the time and money. Check out their website and if you do not see the class you want scheduled then email them. Tammy will get back to you fairly quick with the information you need.
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