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Thread: 75gr Gold Dot out of SBR and hunting use

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    Quote Originally Posted by elia.jon1 View Post
    QUOTE=WS6;2244034]Shot some boneless pork shoulder at 25 yards with my 16.1". Was about 10" of meat, backed by water jugs. This slug punched the meat (haha! Sorry...) and then went through 1 complete jug, and stopped in the second. I was able to shoot this setup twice, with identical results. I found only 1 or 2 specs of lead in the pork shoulder. I think that the earlier test I performed where I had thought the slug had fragmented, I must have hit the board.

    Also, as to the expansion testing at reduced velocity, the 55 and 62gr loadings expand very well down to 15-1800fps. I do not think that the 75gr loading is THIS much of an exception. I reviewed some of the other test data that was generated for me by this source, and noted that the 70gr TSX I sent which was fired into gel at an impact velocity of almost 2300fps fps also failed to expand, which lends to my thoughts that it is possible that the consistency of the gel used, may not be 100% representative of what one should expect in all cases.
    Thank you for posting your data.

    Here is another data point on live meat.

    Originally Posted By ARK_Ginger:

    Not who you quoted, but I shot a doe at 50 last year just behind the shoulder with my 11.5. She was dead on her feet and made it maybe 20 yards. It’s a great bullet and I don’t have any reservations using out to distance or through bone (have done that as well).

    Quote Originally Posted by elia.jon1 View Post

    I am saying the bullet was dense to the target.

    Perhaps it's behaving like a 160gr 6.5 soft point. Too stable to upset.

    While I understand you wanting data I don't know why you want to dismiss a real world result. Tiny little entrance and exit wounds on a pigs body and head. Hardly any blood till I started dragging him.

    Gel data is "lab testing" shooting stuff is a "practical test" wouldn't you agree?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bimmer View Post
    Wild-ass guess... Would the longer 75gr bullets tumble on impact? (That would be good, as I understand it.)

    Berger's stability calculator says their own 73gr boattail is still stabilized as slow as 800fps (!), but that assumes a 7:1 twist.

    With a 8:1 twist, they're only marginally stable at 1,700fps.

    With a 9:1 twist, they're barely stable at 2,200fps...
    GD are soft points, they dont "tumble" to do their job. They only require hydraulic pressure at the nose to expand. Either it hits with enough velocity to expand or not. Stability has nothing to do with it unless you are keyholing to begin with, then it doesnt matter if its a soft point or not.
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    Vicious is right stability isn't the issue. What we've been arguing is what's effective and his deer exit wound can be seen two ways, wasted energy and a wound that looks like that because of the bone or good penetration and what you expected.

    My 10.3 and 11.5 don't scale with the 14.5 and 20. The shorty's start way behind and the difference the 11.5 has is more than you'd expect.

    If I'm shooting something with a big old fast bullet say my 300 PRC I'm pretty good with shooting through and leaving a little energy on the table. A 225 at 3000 is a completely different critter than a 75 or 77 grain bullet at 2200 2300

    I prefer my little bullet to kind of dump in the target on game. If I'm gunfighting you around cars I might want a different thing.

    This guy would not use them out of an SBR for hunting.

    How much did that Doe weigh my pig was around 200 lb.

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