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Thread: Denver, CO

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    20 minutes north of Denver- I'd be looking at Broomfield or Westminster if you want to stay close, if it were me personally I'd rather be further North in Longmont area.

    Get ready for some shitty traffic, all the people moving here are clogging the streets like crazy- rush "hour" seems to last all day long now-a-days. Rent is gonna SUCK, there is so little inventory for rent or for sale now, they go like wild fire and the prices keep going up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock21xxx View Post
    Hey guys,

    Got a potential opportunity to move to Denver CO.

    Without much detail yet besides the little I know about Denver (been there on vaca a few times).

    Can someone please advise decent areas of the city to start scoping out for apartments? Additionally, where there may be reasonable rents?

    Any help, insight, info would be appreciated.
    The fact that you've vacationed in Denver not once but multiple times indicates your standards are pretty low

    Just kidding, I'm in the Springs and it's a nice state but swinging left fast. As far as rent goes I would recommend skipping it and buying. Housing prices are only going up but not as fast as rent, in other works a mortgage will be cheaper!

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    F Denver and the front range.... Man up and move out west to the mountains

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