Hey all. I feel a little awkward posting this to be honest, but the membership on this site is so helpful and knowledgeable in all sorts of ways- I figured I'd throw this out there.

I am currently looking to change careers. I am keeping my options open. My long term goal is to open a craft brewery or distillery. I've got to save some more money to get there. So- I'm looking to increase my income and find a good company.

I am really looking for a company with good leadership, clearly articulated goals/objectives and processes, practices and support in place to be successful at meeting them.

I've worked in construction estimations and sales going on 10+ years currently; everything from window treatments, roofing, windows, painting, sub contractors and general contractors to theater curtains and A/V and stage equipment. I have yet to find a company that matches ^the above^.

I can do just about anything, and I've got an eclectic past work experience.

I'm motivated, intelligent and hard working, no matter what I have sold in the past I put in the time and effort to educate myself and research all facets of the industry/products/services as I prefer the "Consultant/buddy" selling method- but I just can't seem to land anywhere with good management and leadership.

I end up spending more time working to retain clients and managing projects/clients due to poor company practices and follow through than I spend time on selling- it's been a cycle of sell, then take time away from selling to manage projects and clients so the company doesn't screw up my sale and then go back to selling- it is getting old.

Anyone have any suggestions as to companies in Denver/South Denver area I should be going after? I honestly don't care about the specific product/service, that can be learned- I just want to work for a good company and make good money.

I've never used a head hunter but I've been thinking about it lately. Anyone used them before? What was your experience? Do you know any that you've used and would suggest?

Feel free to ask away if you have any questions and thank you very much in advance for your help.