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Thread: Portable car battery jumper

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3ACR_Scout View Post
    Well... it’s time for another PCS move, and I discovered that this Harbor Freight jump starter is dead. It’s been plugged in to charge for over twelve hours and shows no signs of life. No charging lights and no functions when I attempt to turn it on. It probably hasn’t been charged for a year, so I guess the battery is shot.
    It seems like a lot of those devices use off the shelf batteries. I had an air compressor that would not charge. Since I was about to toss it anyway, I opened it up. A day later after an Amazon order, and the air compressor is back up and running.

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    Portable car battery jumper

    We bought a couple from Costco when they were on sale. Never had problems with them, but we routinely check the charge on them and donít travel far.

    Type S Lithium Jump Starter Portable Power Bank with LED Flashlight https://www.costco.com/Type-S-Lithiu...100425276.html

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keoki_m View Post
    Does anyone have any experience with the novo genius boost? I was thinking about purchasing them
    If this is the one you're talking about


    I have it and recently used it without issue, started up my Nissan Titan with no issue. I just set a bi-monthly reminder on my phone to bring it in the house and recharge it.

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